Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Round-Up: What I've Been At Lately

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Apart from revising a novel I've been working on some things lately that people can actually read! (Posting my novel here wouldn't work very well, and it's also mid-revision so it looks a bit like. . . well, like some twit has been cutting and pasting bits everywhere and writing stupid stream of consciousness notes to herself all over it).

But if you want to read some stuff, here is some stuff!

 - Me on IrishTimes.com (the website of Ireland's national paper of record - I'm a bit proud!), talking about Angie Thomas's world-beating novel, The Hate U Give.

 - More on Angie Thomas over at Children's Books Ireland.

 - I also covered for Paul Anthony Shortt on writing.ie recently - he's back at the helm, but here are some link round-ups I put together in his absence.

Along with revisions, and my usual ton of reading (and working full-time!), that's been keeping me pretty busy. Hope all of my blog people are doing well!