Thursday, November 24, 2016

What Mentorship and Guidance Has Looked Like For Me

This post is inspired by the Twitter feed of Sarah Maria Griffin, who you need to be following.

In the latest in my occasional series of What Things Look Like (OK, by latest I mean 'second'), and with all due hat tips to Sarah and her epic wisdom, here is what mentorship has been for me. The following list refers to actions of many, many people.

1. Liking a tweet.

2. Responding thoughtfully and in detail to my unsuccessful submissions. I am grateful.

3. Reminding me I can do this (this doesn't always have to be writer friends, although it frequently is. My most enthusiastic cheerleaders include a sociologist and a personal trainer/singer).

4. Nachos and tea.

5. An invitation to a book club.

6. An invitation to another book club.

7. Saying 'I really liked your piece' after I read it.

8. A burrito.

9. Several messages saying "You got this." There's something about those words, their blank confidence.

10. Clapping after I read at open mic events.

11. Going to open mic events I'm reading at!

12. A book dedication. (Cheers, Paul and Paula!)

13. Reading my entire manuscript and giving me feedback. I left this one for last, because it is so huge and so much appreciated, but also there are many, many steps towards it that are validating and important.