Friday, July 5, 2013

National Flash Fiction Day Event in Dublin: Flashbulbs

National Flash Fiction Day was on the 22nd June and I spent it - well, some of it - reading a piece of my flash fiction in a pub in Dublin.

Me reading, taken by @AliBrenz
My former writing teacher, Claire Hennessy, is now a director of Big Smoke Writing Factory. When she put out a call for flash fiction, I raided my archives (remember my flash fiction world tours?) and polished my favourites. One was selected for reading at the Flashbulbs event on the 22nd June in Arthur's Pub.

It was a great event. The quality of the fiction was high. The ability of the writers to read well was surprisingly high (am I the only writer who doesn't just know how to read her work aloud well? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). It was well organised and the readjustment of the height of the microphone between each speaker was impressively seamless.

We heard about galleons appearing in midland towns, a sixteen-year-old character with a devastating voice and a tragicomic insistence that she had 'done it all', the secrets of a pub employee and a rebellious nun. Readers included Alison Wells (her tale, about a holographic guard dog, was full of Alison's characteristic mix of sci-fi and humour) and Bernard O'Rourke, a film journalist and fellow Dublin NaNo-er who read his near-poetry about exploring the city by night powerfully - and completely from memory.

The non-writer and my cartoonist friend who came with me to show support both enjoyed it, which is a pretty good litmus test of a successful event (although you'd probably have to know them both to realise this). The combination of strong writing (I was flattered to be included), good organisation and a contest on the night (5 finalists, with the ultimate decision resting on their reading, judged by Dave Lordan and won by Dervilla McKeith) combined to create a great evening.

Also, there was free chocolate and a real turf fire. How can you go wrong?

PS: If you're curious, I read a very slightly edited version of the story I wrote about Venice for last year's A-Z Flash Fiction World Tour, re-named Acqua Alta.


  1. Sounds cool. You should read it here. :)

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. All that and Dublin too? Sounds like a writer's dream evening.

  3. With chocolate you can never go wrong!

  4. Chocolate and stories, now there's a winning combination. :-P

  5. Hey Sweetie,

    Don't forget today is the contest over at Hawk's for the FREE writers software and books...great gifts for those of us who want to get published. HURRY OVER THERE and bring all your friends...this software is for any genre of writing!


  6. Awesome! They made entering the contest pretty easy didn't they? Click the link and you're in! I hope you win sweetie!

    It was good to see you there!
    Hugs and kisses

  7. They really did! Thanks for letting me know about it :)


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