Sunday, April 7, 2013

Edinburgh: A-Z Flash Fiction World Tour

Sorry this post is - ahem - two days late. This April is an incredibly busy time for me, and it's looking ever more likely that I'll have to drop out of the A-Z Challenge, but I'm enjoying it so I am going to try to make all 26 entries! Today I'm staying relative close to home and going to Edinburgh.


It was their first night in the middle of the tenament.
He worked as a butcher, occupying the bottom floor. When he started work, they had moved into the upper floors, with the rest of the families, couples and older people who couldn't afford anything better.
Every night, she would roll over in bed and sigh.
"I wish we could move to the middle floors."
The middle floors were occupied by the middle classes. Everyone dreamed of moving there.
On their first night in the middle floors, she rolled over and sighed.
"The people overhead are really loud," she said. "And I can smell the butcher's shop from here!"
For the first time in twenty years of marriage, he rolled over and sighed.


  1. What we wish for is not always what we thought we were getting.

  2. Nicely done!

    If you think you can manage it, go for it... but if things are going to be stressed out with everything else going on, nothing wrong with pulling out from the challenge.

  3. As to the spammer who seems to have turned up here (I wonder if they'll turn up at my blog).... somehow Dubai doesn't strike me as Fun Central.

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