Monday, April 1, 2013

Arlee Bird and Amsterdam: A-Z Round-the-World Flash Fiction

Today marks the start of the A-Z Blogging Challenge! I'll be posting a piece of short flash fiction each day (except Sundays), set in a location corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. If you want to suggest a place name for a future letter, you can leave a comment here or tweet me @EllenBrickley.

But before we go to Amsterdam, I'd like to kick off with a shout-out to Arlee Bird, the man who started the A-Z Challenge in 2010. This challenge has taught me a lot, so many thanks, Arlee, and a happy April to you!

Today's story contains a bonus travel tip, but I can't promise one of those every post :)


They were talking about the queues at the Van Gogh Museum. All over Amsterdam, every night, people in hostel bars hunch over bottles of beer and talk about the queues at the Van Gogh Museum.
"I skipped breakfast to get there at ten o'clock," Sara said, raking curls back from her face. "And the queue was already halfway around Museumplein. It was like queuing for a rollercoaster."
Matt made a moue of sympathy. "That sucks. And it was raining hard this morning. I had to queue for over an hour, but I showed up at lunchtime so at least it was dry."
"Two hours," Toph interjected. "I win."
"I bought my ticket at the Diamond Museum," Jade said. "That means you can skip the queue."
"Cool," Sara smiled. "Wish I'd known that. My feet were so wet when I finally got inside."
"And did that security guard with the moustache give you grief for dripping water on the floor?" Toph asked.
Jade sipped her beer. She would never be a comrade-in-arms.


  1. Loved the "moue of sympathy"!! Good for Jade! Take care

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kitty :) I did as Jade did. It was a horribly wet day and I was so happy to skip the queue. I did pass the tip on when I was asked for directions later in my trip.

  2. I have been to the Van Gogh Museum but not on a rollercoaster, I pondered which was the safest option and went for that.

    good luck on the A to Z

    Rob Z Tobor

  3. I haven't been to Amsterdam but my daughter has. It would be nice to go there one day. #1134

    1. I would recommend it, Sally, it's a nice place! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Have never been to amsterdam, but my husband goes all the time for work. Hope to go sometime with him!

  5. Feels true to the place. Haven't been over to the Netherlands, but my parents come from there. Good start, Ellen!

  6. I have fond memories of the Van Goch museum - with a massive hangover - normal for Amsterdam. Nice theme.

  7. One of the places I have always wanted to visit, and yet never got around to it.

    Love the FF, Ellen.

  8. Oooh, a new word for me "moue". I had to look it up. I may use it now and again when I am feeling pouty and grimacy. It's a look I often saw teaching first grade, I think.
    I like Jade...on the fringes.

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