Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z Challenge - Bowing Out

I'm sorry to have to do this, because I love the A-Z Challenge, but I'm so far behind this year that I think I will have to bow out.

I really appreciate all the lovely comments and the new followers. It's been great fun finding new blogs. But this month is the busiest one I've had for several years (and I do Nanowrimo every year so I know a little about busy!). Once I've got all of my obligations out of the way, I typically have less than an hour to myself, and I don't have the energy to spend that time choosing a place, researching the place, coming up with a story about it and then trying to write that story well.

Thanks again for the lovely comments and I hope to be along for the trip next year.


  1. It's perfectly understandable. The A-Z is very time consuming. Wishing you well Ellen!

  2. It is more important to enjoy blogging that to complete the A to Z. It is after all a jolly, but once it adds stress then it is not.

    Hope to see you post again soon once things chill a bit.

    take care

  3. If I hadn't written my posts in March, I would have bowed out in the first week.

    I do love reading your posts though.

  4. You might consider starting now to schedule posts for next year, as you get to it! So much easier than trying to keep up with daily posting and commenting while carrying on a life! Hope you get rested up and just keep blogging for fun!

  5. You really are hella busy this month. Stepping back from the A-Z Challenge seems like the right move.

  6. I felt completely overwhelmed last year, because I wasn't that prepared for the huge response and visitors I received. This year I scheduled all my posts before the challenge. I only had to do minor tweeking and making sure I moderate my comments a few times a day. I also make sure I visit 5 - 10 blogs a day and read and comment.

    Welcome to the A to Z Blog Challenge madness.

  7. Perfectly understandable. I just fell behind too. Grandbaby #3 has me racing our daughter to the hospital, but once we get there, I swear he's saying "haha gramma...not yet!"

  8. Hey I am late with this but hope all has returned to some normalcy

  9. Hey hon!

    Long time no you, I've been neck high in writing (7 books) and I'm just taking a break to breath a wee bit...see if the world is still here...I've miss blogging but just couldn't fit it in with all the other writing I had to get I'm going to try to fit in blogging again...but not as much as before.

    I hope you're around and will come by today to see my's a new author and her new books...fantastic read!

    Drop in if you can


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