Sunday, March 31, 2013

A-Z World Tour Preview Post - A Little Help From My Friends

Today, in advance of the kick-off of the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I want to share something with you all. It's a comment on my last blog entry.

I have a friend called Gar Molloy. He's a cartoonist (see his webcomic, Neko the Kitty, here - it's surreal and smart, but potentially not safe for work and if you dislike profanity or gay cats, it's likely not going to be your thing). He also named one of the characters in his webcomic after me. She's a chain-smoking blonde alcoholic (I'm a brunette who doesn't smoke and rarely drinks things that aren't tea-based) but the world needs more Ellens and I'm happy to see Gar aiding that noble cause.

Anyhoo. A couple of months ago, I posted here asking for place name suggestions for my flash fiction world tour. As ever, I left the field wide open and invited people to suggest any location they wished.

Gar took this concept and ran with it, so for anyone who missed his original comment, here are the list of places Gar suggested. Some of them will feature in my A-Z world tour. Some have been jettisoned for suggestions that are more. . . sane. And easier (honestly, there is nothing like a fellow artist for torturing you).

PS I've had a private rule about not including fictional places (or potentially fictional places, like Gar's suggestions for the letters T, Y and Z) but since I've never stated it publicly, I feel I can break it this year if I wish. Except I just stated it publicly. . . this is what happens when you try to have some integrity. See y'all tomorrow for A.

Burger King
Dungeon of Doom
Earth's Core
Fractal dimension of pure mathematics
Gorilla Island
Hat Factory
Island of Misfit Toys
Jelly World!
King Kong's grave
The Moon
O'Brien's Sandwich Shop in the Ilac Centre
Penney's, anywhere
Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco
Tesla's Time Zeppelin
Utilitarian Paradise
Verona Beach
West Philadelphia
Xerox manufacturing plant in Dundalk
Yoko Ono's secret hunting grounds
Tesla's Time Zeppelin.


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