Friday, February 1, 2013

Flash Fiction World Tour: I Need Your Help!

Last April, I spent the month writing alphabetical flash fiction about all sorts of interesting places, from Alaska to Zanzibar, via Chelsea Physic Garden, Woolwich Arsenal, Utah, Rio and Irishtown.

I had a lot of fun doing it, and in the process I learned lots of things I never knew about the world around me, and I hope I managed to share some of that in my posts.

This year, I want to continue my Flash Fiction World Tour, bringing the total number of teeny travel stories to 52.

But as ever, I need the help of my creative and talented readership.

Each piece of microfiction will be themed around a place. It could be a country, a city, a state, a suburb, a village, a forest, a national park, an attraction, a street, a county . . . you get the idea. Nowhere is too big or too small.

And I want you to make suggestions! Give me a place - as large or as small as you like. I'll read about it (this is probably going to be the most fun part for me, because I love learning about new places almost as much as I love going to them) and then I'll write a short piece of fiction set there.

I'm hoping to get some variety so feel free to suggest anywhere you think may be interesting - it doesn't have to be your home - and spread the word!


  1. Shoot! I could A-to-Z you with Texas place names in just a couple of minutes!

    Here are a few interesting Texas places that you might consider:
    - Old Dime Box (a town)
    - Lost Pines State Park (near Bastrop, TX - suffered terrible wildfires in 2011)
    - Buc-ees (a beaverface-mascot "mini-mart" gas station that became a huge attraction on Interstate 10 near Luling & went on to build 2 more, even larger)
    - New London School (site of 1940s explosion that led to bad-smell-mercaptan being added to natural gas)
    - Cadillac Ranch (sculpture installation outside Amarillo)

    If you need any more, just holler! Texas is a big, big state!
    **Katy (BooksYALove)

    1. Ooh, I love these! Usually after I do the 'first call' for place names I come back and ask for missing letters, so I'll be sure to hit you up then :)

  2. Béziers in France!
    Or the Mermaid's Cave in Northern Ireland (under Dunluce Castle)!
    Or Havasupai (or Supai) Village in the Grand Canyon!
    Or the Vang Stave Church in Karpkacz, Poland!
    Or the pink Lake Hillier in Australia!
    Or Rotterdam in the Netherlands!

    1. Great choices, Sabrina :) I had never heard of Mermaid's Cave and it's on the same island as me. I must put it on my to-visit list!

  3. Senate House (University of London)!

    Take care

    1. Kitty, you always have great suggestions! Thanks :)

  4. Can't recall which suggestions I made last year, so here's a few...

    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

    Quebec City, Quebec

    Andros, Greece


    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Uluru, Australia

    John O'Groats, Scotland

    Galway, Ireland

    Matterhorn, Switzerland

    Vinson Massif, Antarctica

  5. Amsterdam

    Burger King


    Dungeon of Doom

    Earth's Core

    Fractal dimension of pure mathematics

    Gorilla Island

    Hat Factory

    Island of Misfit Toys

    Jelly World!

    King Kong's grave


    The Moon


    O'Brien's Sandwich Shop in the Ilac Centre

    Penney's, anywhere

    Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco

    Tesla's Time Zeppelin

    Utilitarian Paradise

    Verona Beach

    West Philadelphia

    Xerox manufacturing plant in Dundalk

    Yoko Ono's secret hunting grounds

    Tesla's Time Zeppelin.

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