Monday, October 1, 2012

Changing Seasons

I am back from mainland Europe, and very happy to see that people were reading and commenting in my absence :) You guys rock!

I had a lovely time, ate rather a lot of chocolate (oh, Belgium, thou art a harsh mistress. . .) and overcame my combined fear of enclosed spaces and spiral staircases to climb a few monuments. It was lots of fun.

And I have arrived back just in time for the start of October.

For me, autumn starts in October. In Ireland, it's not unusual for us to have a period of nice weather in September (we joke that as soon as the schools re-open, the weather improves) and although winter can descend very early, October feels like autumn to me. The weather is cooler and crisper, and you will no longer be surprised by the occasional unseasonal sunny day. The shops are full of Halloween and the air is full of woodsmoke and blown brown leaves.

I love autumn. I love the start of any new season, but especially autumn. It has many advantages - I can enjoy that lovely back-to-school feeling, that sense of possibility, while luxuriating in the knowledge that I never have to go back to school and pretend I care about Irish grammar ever ever again. I can bundle up in giant cuddly jumpers. I can rediscover the depth and breadth of my tea collection and contemplate hot chocolate after dinner. And if you stare at the word 'autumn' for a while, it begins to look like nonsense.

There is a great deal to recommend it!

Autumn also means that we're drawing closer to Nanowrimo. I'm returning to my role as co-Municipal Liaison (volunteer-type) for Dublin for my third year, and I'm already trying to choose which book to work on for Nano 2012. And I'm heading for a weekend away with a friend in mid-November, which should a) be lots of fun, and b) will motivate me to get ahead on my word count early this time.

So what do you guys have coming up this autumn (or fall, if you prefer)? And what's your favourite season?


  1. Glad you overcame your fears - I have a fear of heights, so spiral staircases are usually a no-no - and that you had a wonderful time.

    Autumn is my favourite season. I prefer the cooler weather and love the vibrant colours. Woolly jumpers are lovely as well.

    I'm doing nanowrimo this year! So eager to get started. Will see you there.

    1. Ellie, I found I was OK if I knew the number of steps and counted them as I went up, so I knew roughly how far through the confined-space ordeal I was! And I'm OK with heights that I feel I can't fall from, and in both cases the viewing platforms were enclosed by thick concrete barriers so it didn't activate the fear of heights too much!

      Delighted you're doing Nano - my username on the forums is 'nycelle' so feel free to say hi if you spot me there :)

  2. Welcome back! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I love Belgium! Did you get to the Tin Tin museum? I loved it and the chocolate museum! Did you get to Bruge? Fabulous place!

    Autumn is also my favourite season and I've recently adorned my sofa and chairs with fluffy throws and cusions in autumnal colours!

    I would love to have the time to do Nanowrimo, it just falls in the wrong time of year for me when Im back at college :( but you make it sound like so much fun! Maybe I'll join in 2014 :) Are there any other events like this throughout the year?

    1. I didn't get to the TinTin musuem but I did a chocolate museum on my last visit :) I also bought a giant mug with 'Chocoholic' written on the side, which will come in handy during Nanowrimo :)

      I love the sound of your new autumny interior!

      There are three other Nanowrimo-esque events - Script Frenzy (write a 100 page screenplay in a month) happens in April (probably not great for college either, since that's usually close to end-of-term) and Camp Nanowrimo (50,000 words in a month, same as November) happens in June and August. Info can be found on or, if there's nothing useful on the homepage, have a look at the forums :)

      What are you studying? I hope this new academic year goes well for you!

    2. maybe you'll get there next time, I'm obsessed with the cartoon! I took my Mam on a trip back in 2008, we had a great time wandering around. such a beautiful place.

      Camp NanoWrimo sounds like the perfect Summer hobby, I will look into that thanks!

      I've just started my third year in DBS, BA (Hons) film, Literature and Drama. So far so good, the course is quite varied, a lot of history as well as practical classes thrown in as well which is great. We had a creative writing element last yar and script writing/ film making modules this year, so I'm looking forward to that.

      Where are you off to in November? We have a trip booked to the Bronte museum & Hill top farm! So excited, have been going on about it for ages and finally getting to go! Have you been?

  3. Welcome back. Did you have a mass of chocolate in your luggage, I know I would have.

    Yep it's officially autumn now, although to be honest with all this cold rain, it feels so much like winter.

  4. Welcome back!

    Bit of an odd phobia to have.

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