Monday, September 17, 2012

Away From Keyboard

By the time you read this, I will be wandering around mainland Europe, probably eating ice-cream.

After my long haitus this summer, I don't want the blog to go totally quiet for two weeks, so I have scheduled a few posts to run while I'm away. I'll be back in early October and may be a bit sporadic about responding to comments until then.

In the meantime, if you're bored, I recommend:

My old college classmate, Sarah Rees Brennan, has a new book out! In fact, it's one of my holiday reads, so I may be reading it right now. Unspoken is a modern, quirky take on the Gothic novel, featuring a fiesty girl reporter who discovers the boy she's been talking to in her head all her life is a real person. It also has a crumbling old mansion, a sleepy English village and lots of secrets.  If that doesn't grab you, maybe check out Sarah's blog at the link above - her posts are always entertaining.

If you're craving a hit of Irishness in my absence, you could do worse than check out Denise Deegan's Butterfly Novels, a series of YA novels about teenage girls in a very exclusive South Dublin school. In spite of the fact she writes about a less-than-typical group of people, Denise creates an absolutely spot-on portrait of modern Dublin and very authentic teen voices. I loved the first two books and am dying to get started on the third.

Finally - I just wrecked your September. You can thank me in two weeks :)


  1. I hope you enjoy tour trip Ellen! And thatnks for recommending Sarahs nivel - I'm on my way yo Easons as we speak to get a copy!


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