Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-Z Microfiction: O is for Ontario

Apologies that my O instalment is late - it's been a busy few days but I'll be back on track for the rest of the month! We're staying in Canada today (there's only so many virtual air miles a girl needs) and visiting the lvoely Ontario :)


It felt strange. His tools had been so much a part of him.
Madeleine hoisted the box on to her hip and walked towards the door of Dead People's Stuff. The uncompromising wording of the sign unsettled her a little, but it hinted at a sense of humour she liked.
"Can I help you?"
Madeleine smiled. "I hope so. I'm trying to find a good home for my grandfather's old tools. They're from the 1920s, and I can't use them, so I wanted them to go to someone who would. . .  well, appreciate them."
The lady looked through the box for a few moments, a line of concentration appearing betwen her eyes.
"I may have just the guy for these. Can you hold on a moment?"
As the lady dug for her phone, Madeleine felt a weight leave her body.

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  1. Life gets in the way. And where is your tag-thingie. Forgive me but I always seem to be the person who needs things pointed out to them.

    1. No problem Shelly, it should be underneath the post, below where it says 'Posted by Ellen Brickley at. . . ' If you're reading in something like Google reader it may not appear but if you view the post on the blog itself it should be at the very bottom, just above the comments.

  2. Sad and yet very practical! Thank you! Take care

  3. I am from Canada and had never heard of that shop. Then again, I've never been to Ottawa. Kinda reminds me of "A Dirty Job" my Christopher Moore.

  4. Now I feel compelled to seek out that shop. Bloomfield... it's not that far away from here...


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