Friday, March 2, 2012

Writer's Kit - Getting Metaphorical

On Monday I talked about my fantasy writers' kit - the items I would like to pop into my patterned box to set me up for hours in front of the computer.

Today, I want to talk about another kind of writers' kit. DL Hammons posted last week on the A-Z Challenge about the survival kit every blogger needs to get through April. He included items like brevity and the ability to use the scheduling feature on your blog client - not physical items, but as any survivor from last April will tell you, certainly very important.

So what metaphorical items should be in every writer's kit? My suggestions are:

A bad-writing detector (this feature should have a time delay so that it doesn't activate at first-draft stage)
A crew of beta readers (just speaking for my own crew, they would get  abit upset if I stuffed them into my patterned box)
A thick skin, for possible rejections

What do you guys think? What qualities does a writer need?


  1. I like your first one especially! Wouldn't it be nice if we could flip the switch off for first drafts and on again for revisions. My #1 Writer's Kit item would be TIME. Writing well takes a whole lot of hours, and it's so difficult to get enough of them!

  2. I'm still working on thickening my skin :)

    I'd stick a flask of Empathy in that box. It's impossible to motivate actions if you don't understand why people do the things they do. More empathy = fewer mustache-twirling-in-a-dark-corner type of villains.

  3. Those are good ones, and I'm definitely with Karen... time's never enough.

    And empathy's also a good touch, Amalie. A villain's much more compelling with understandable reasons for what they do.


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