Monday, March 12, 2012

I Need Your Help: The A-Z Challenge Update!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my call for place names for this year's A-Z Challenge :) I got a very wide range of suggestions and am already mulling over ideas for microfiction!

However, I am still looking for placenames for the following letters:

  • A
  • F
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • O
  • Q
  • R
  • U
  • V

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

I am trying to choose a wide cross-section of suggestions, so that it's not to Euro-centric, Irish-centric (although there may be two in Ireland, I'm not sure yet) or North-American-centric. Apologies if your suggestion isn't chosen - if that happens, it's probably because variety demanded I choose something else.

Many thanks again for all the suggestions so far!


  1. Argentina France Helsinki Iran Japan Ontario Quebec Rome Ukraine venezuela

  2. Athens, Fairbanks, Hackettstown, NJ, Idaho, Ireland, Jersey, Orange, Quebec definitely, Raleigh, Union, Vermont, Victoria, BC

    Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    ps your word verification is on and it's MEAN and TOUGH

    1. Mimi, thanks for telling me that! I hate word verification and I had no idea it was on. Just switched it off again!

  3. Utah just popped into my brain for "U." It has Arches and Bryce National Parks, which are spectacularly beautiful.

  4. There could be some very good stories in Rio de Janiero.

  5. Alaska, Fiji, Helsinki, Iceland, Jupiter, Oceania, Qatar, Rome, Utah (my beloved home state), Venice

  6. Argentina, Finland, Himalayas, Vilnius

  7. I'm impressed that you're preparing so far in advance! Go Ellen go!

  8. Athens, Falklands, Honolulu, Irishtown, Johannesburg, Ontario, Queensland, Rhone Valley, Uruguay (sp?), Vienna

  9. Just found you on the A to Z blog hop today and I LOVE what you're writing! I'm also highlighting a different location each day (among other things) but I really do love your stories. I've been meaning to try some micro-fiction writing myself...

    You've probably figure out what all your letter will be already, but just in case, for the ones left...

    U: Uzbekistan
    V: Vanuatu


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