Monday, February 27, 2012

Writer's Kit - Stuff and Us

Being a writer means you don't need much stuff, right? Just a pen, some paper and a brain. And an internet connection, a computer, a blog and a smartphone for on-the-go Tweeting and platform-building . . .

But if we discount the platform-building and networking and focus exclusively on the writing, we don't need much. Like I say, brain and bare essentials.

Or so I always thought.

Each November, one of my favourite threads on the Nanowrimo boards is the Nanowrimo Survival Kit, where participants post about the items they need to get through the month-long sprint to 50,000 words and glory. It's just a wonderful read and a lovely insight into people's funny little writing habits. The folk who can only write if they have their fluffy slippers, or who find they do their best work if they have a Laughing Buddha on top of their computer. It's a quirky little glimpse into the minds of others and I just love it every year.

Some years ago, a friend of mine gave me a writers' kit for my birthday. It was a beautiful patterned box contining a notebook, a colourful pen, a tea-light holder, a box of my favourite herbal teabags and some slipper socks. The teabags may be long gone, but each year I assemble my Nano kit in the box and it always reminds me of the original gift :)

In spite of the fact that I do most of my writing on the go, I love the idea of a writers' kit.

This is what mine would contain, in an idea world:

Notebook (large, for brainstorming)
A few pens (you never know when one might run out!)
Herbal teabags, lots of
A suitably bookish mug - possibly my Strand bookstore diner mug

Cosy socks
Some writing books - I rarely refer to books while writing but it's nice to have them!
Laptop and charger
USB drive, for backups
Snacks - crisps, popcorn, small chocolate bites, Maltesers. . . . this could be a list all of its own!

What about you guys? What would be in your fantasy writing kit?


  1. Comfy socks are a must, as is a nice dressing gown or bathrobe.

    Music, absolutely gotta have my music.

    And coffee for the mornings, wine for the evenings.

  2. I don't write with music on - I tried but the lyrics started turning up randomly in my novel! And I can't write and drink, I end up with gibberish :) But lots of herbal tea is a must for me.

  3. I wouldn't be able to listen to music with lyrics, either. I'd get too distracted. But I am thinkig maybe I need to get me some comfy socks. :)

    1. Oh, you do :) A friend (Paul's wife, actually!) bought me my first pair nearly ten years ago and I have had a few on the go ever since. I love them!

  4. I need my candles burning and music: usually a film soundtrack or something classical.

    I need the door shut!

    A beer is always welcome!

    1. I envy those of you who can enjoy a drink while you write! And I love the idea of candles, there's something very soothing and comforting about them :)

  5. I need some ice coffee and a bit of wine for evening writing. I like things cozy in my little corner of the house.

  6. My needs are simple: computer, coffee, peace.

  7. A notebook, pens and chocolate. Oh, tea.

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  8. Lately my needs have included a heater. And a plug in because my netbook battery doesn't seem to charge.

    I like your kit :)

    I tagged you in a q&a on my blog. I hope you'll play along.



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