Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Wishes

You know those conversations you had when you're a kid, where you asked the other kid lots of questions about their favourite things and what they wanted to be when they grow up? Those ones that you truly believed got you to the very heart of what someone was really like?

I only ever cared about the answer to two of them. One was 'What's your favourite chocolate?' because if the answer was Galaxy, I'd found myself a soulmate. The other was 'If you had three wishes, what would they be?'

As I've grown older, I've realised I only have one wish - to be happy. How I achieve that isn't very important, and I have no idea what's likely to make me happy and what isn't, until it happens. I used to wish for book deals and cars and holidays and pay rises and everything else you can think of - but I've learned that these things aren't important. What matters is whether or not they make you happy.

However, that answer to the 'Three Wishes' question is very boring! My fun answer is:

1. To be able to read, understand and speak any language I needed instantly.
2. To be a professional novelist and travel writer.
3. To always have exactly a million euros in the bank, no matter how much of it I take out :) Come on! I'm not made of stone. . .

What about you guys? What are your three wishes? And while we're at it, what's your favourite chocolate?


  1. Dark Ferrero Rocher! LOL!

    1) To be able to buy my home outright.
    2) To have a garden!
    3) To be surrounded by cats for as long as I breathe!

    Take care

    1. 1) to die in my sleep.
      2) to never suffer from poverty
      3) to be surrounded by cats as long as i breathe (thanks Old Kitty, that's a good one)

      favorite chocolate? Currently, a dark chocolate rolled macadamia nut that we bought in Hawaii. INCREDIBLY good. It was so good we ordered more and had it shipped to our home before we left the island.

      Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors

    2. They all sound fab! Mimi, I've never figured out how I'd like to die, and just in case I ever get a say in it, I probably should!

      Kitty, no surprises about the cats :)

  2. 1) to experience perfect health
    2) to be able to travel anywhere on a whim
    3) three more wishes <-- duh, you gotta plan for the future

    I used to go with the magic wallet wish, where you take the money out, close it, and it fills back up again -- the 7 y/o version of a bank account with a million euros. Only, I forgot to update it from magic wallet to magic bank account as I grew up.

    And I'm a dark chocolate girl, too, but my favorite chocolate is homemade fudge. You know, when it turns out and isn't... homemade fudgy icecream topping.... which is still tasty but less satisfying on the fudgy front.

    1. Perfect health is so important Amalie. I really should have included that one! I guess I was being more frivolous. And I do like your future-planning :)

      I adore the sound of your homemade fudge! Can I come and visit to evaluate it fully? :p

  3. Great post! Ellen, so nice to meet you on the Blogging challenge. My wishes?
    1 - Make a living as an author, filmmaker, photographer or comedian.
    2 - A house with an art studio and a nice backyard for a garden and patio.
    3 - Play the part of Norma in Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite."

    Chocolate: Valentine box of chocolates. I like variety.

  4. I read someone's answer today where they wished they didn't need sleep. This I like :-)

  5. LOL, I used to play the 3 wishes game all the time, until I got older and someone said your third wish has to be to have 3 more wishes, then the fun went out of it. and I like really dark chocolate.

  6. Let's see...

    1. Sort out the issues I've been dealing with in the last year and change...

    2. Spend as much time as humanly possible out in the great outdoors, enjoying myself on a hiking trail or rock face at every opportunity.

    3. Find a woman who's just silly enough to want to put up with me for forty or fifty years.

    And since I love chocolate and peanut butter, it must be Reese Peanut Butter Cups...

  7. Oooh, the "Happy" wish about sums it up for me. Without that, I think that getting 3 wishes would be meaningless. All the same, I think these 3 would not hurt my chances at happiness:

    1. To be able to afford to be a writer full-time
    2. To have a house of my own with an extensive library
    3. To have more hours in the day. So much to do, so many books to read, and write, and so little time.

    (4. for it to always be spring.)


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