Monday, October 3, 2011

Character Names - A Little Alliteration

The main character in my current work-in-progress has an alliterative name. She was Becky Bailey, until I discovered the show Spooks has a character called Beth Bailey, so I changed it to Becky Barrett. It hasn't stuck yet - I'm hoping it will. I've always found alliterative names cool, and Becky isn't very good at being cool. She deserves a little cool in her life.

Unfortunately, the main character of my next book has popped into my head and she has an alliterative name too. I'm not too attached to her first name yet, so I'm working on changing that - her family figure heavily in the novel and I'm very attached to their surname (it fits very well with my - you guessed it! - alliterative title).

I don't want characters with alliterative names to become My Thing. JK Rowling pulls it off in the Harry Potter universe, but I write either urban fantasy or realistic fiction in which some weird crap happens. My characters are grounded in the real world, and alliterative names just aren't that common.

Anyway, at least I have a title for the next one! That's always an important step :)

Now, back to editing Becky. Sigh. . . . How is everyone else's week looking?


  1. I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt you'll find yourself pigeonholed after just two books with alliterative names. :-)

    I really should get back to work on Nightfall. I know querying is a long way off, but I hate leaving a book unfinished.

  2. I don't know, I think if I read two successive books with alliterative-named protagonists, I would notice it.

    It is entirely possible most people aren't as nitpicky as me, though :)

  3. I'd probably notice the alliteration in successive books, too, but I like alliteration. What I dislike is when several characters within a book have such similar names, it's difficult to keep them straight.

  4. I've never really gone with alliterative names, but they don't bother me.

  5. I love alliterative names! :) They don't bother me either... probably because I have one (my real name, anyway).


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