Friday, September 2, 2011

Hooking a reader, and going it alone

I found a couple of things that I just have to share.

First of all, anyone considering self-publishing should check out the lovely and super-informative Catherine Ryan Howard's blog on She's also on Twitter as @cathryanhoward and is definitely worth following.

In other news, Mooderino has an excellent post on hooks: how to draw your reader in, how to pose a question, and most crucially, how to pose a question so that the reader may in fact care about the answer and thus read on. Definitely some food for thought there and great examples of what works versus what doesn't.

Apologies for being a great big boring person and posting links instead of content but today is one of those days where what I have to say is less important than telling what these guys are saying - all I have to say is 'yay, weekend!!'


  1. Wha? This blog post isn't boring. It's ace and informative because I'm thinking about going the self pub route!

    Thanks for commenting on my Bang Out the Prose blog, glad I could make you feel at home with the Kiersten White novel reading we've got in common! And I'm so glad for Karen's BBQ blog hosting :)

  2. Thanks for dropping over, Suz! There are some great resources out there for self-pubbing authors and I really like Catherine's blog. She's very honest! Hope you find it helpful :)

  3. That Mooderino, pretty astute guy isn't he?

    New picture Ellen? Or have I just been visiting with my eyes closed?

  4. Links are great and very non-boring!

  5. Hi Ellen,

    Dropping in from Karen's BBQ ! Great blog you have here :) Loved the pleasant colors :)

    And I love shorter posts ;) yay weekend :)

  6. BIG YAY weekend! :) And yes, I love Catherine's blog.

  7. Hi Ellen, also stopping by from Karen's BBQ. I came for the love-of-Yay! and the pink tea(no idea what it is, but I don't think could be anything but awesome--it's *pink*!), and I stay for the writing commispiration. I'm making up words today.

  8. Linking is what I often do on Twitter when I'm feeling uninspired. It's so easy there, just click Retweet this. It takes more effort to link on blog posts, and I always appreciate those who do because it's a great way to share information.

  9. Hi, Ellen! I'm dropping in from Karen's BBQ and am your latest follower. Nice to meet you!

    When I was in high school I had a pen pal from Dublin. Fran made Ireland seem like a magical wonderland. Very nice!

  10. i always link with the occasional post now and then!
    ur my fourth stop on karen's long weekend bbq! great blog--following! ill leave the steaks at the door lol

  11. Coming over from Karen's for the BBQ.
    And some days we're just not that inspired.

  12. Hi-ya. Nice to meetcha at Karen's little shindig. Darn, I do wish you'd brought some of that pink tea with you. Never tried any of that before. (Or heard of it!)

    It seems writers all over the world are giving serious consideration to self-pubbing. A sign of the times, I suppose.

    As your newest follower, I'll be back. Keep the water in the teapot hot.

  13. Hi Ellen! Nice to meet you at this great grill party. I enjoyed your post and found it informative. Living in Norway and writing in english I have given self publication seious consideration as well. Hope you stop by and say hello some time. Off to snoop around :)

  14. If something inspires you, then it will most likely inspire others. And thanks for the link to Moody's post; I've been offline for a while and have missed so many good posts. I always enjoy visiting Mooderino.

    Nice to meet you Erin; but I feel I've been here before. You seem so familiar. Ah well, I'm following now so I don't forget to return.

    Have a great weekend.


  15. Hi Ellen~ I've come from KarenG's BBQ! Wanted to say hello and visit your blog! And sample your Snickerdoodles! :) So great to meet you!

  16. Sometimes it's all about the 'yay weekend!' Hope you are having a good one! :)

  17. Hi Ellen, I'm from the BBQ, too. Nice to meet you!

  18. Nice to meet you Ellen; I love your name ;D My real name is Ellen; nickname is Ellie or Ella.
    Great links; thanks for sharing~

  19. Hello Ellen! I am visiting from the BBQ too. Thank you for the great information & I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful day! ~Tracy

    P.S. Nummy snickerdoodles!

  20. I've been seriously considering self publishing my urban fantasy as part of a trilogy so that link will come in handy! Nice to 'meet' you! New follower from KarenG's BBQ

  21. okay, maybe I'm an old follower who doesn't make rounds enough! lol Just tried to join and it says I'm already following!

  22. I like the "hook" post especially. Thanks for passing it on.

  23. Sarah, I changed it a week or two ago but it hasn't updated on all of my Google services yet, so it may be that you were seeing the old one :)

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Thanks JU - I stopped by your blog and followed, looking forward to reading more!

    Cheers Talli :)

    Amalie, pink tea is what I call the berry-flavoured herbal teas I drink :) and I love the word commispiration. It's my new favourite!

    Agreed, Karen - sharing links on Twitter is lovely and quick! Glad you don't mind the linky post :)

    Kittie, thanks for visiting :) My dad spent some time in New Orleans and I love reading about Louisiana - your state is top of my to-visit list and I'm dying to read more of your Louisiana stories!

    Thanks for visiting, Jeremy! *grabs steaks*

    Diane, thanks for commenting. I'm enjoying all the great information on your blog :)

    Hi Susan - next year I'll bring pink tea! I've followed you back, really like your blog :)

    Hi Siv, that sounds interesting alright. Being in a country with a very small publishing industry means I find myself looking abroad a lot. I think the internet has made all of these things more accessible. Nice to meet you!

    Donna, I feel you look familiar too, maybe I've visited you before as well :) I followed back, looking forward to reading more.

    Thanks Donna!

  24. Betsy, thanks for visiting :) nice to meet you!

    Yep, Jayne - some weekends can't come around fast enough :)

    @sex scenes at starbucks - thanks, nice to meet you too!

    Ella, I tend to go by Elle offline - no one calls me Ellie because I have a cousin named Eleanor and she goes by Ellie.

    I love the name Ella, always thought I might use it as a pen name someday!

    Hi Tracy Jo, nice to meet you, thanks for visiting!

    Hi CQG, I've been following you for a while so maybe you followed me back. . . either way, nice to re-meet you :)

    Glad you enjoyed it Simon :)


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