Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post: Michelle Moloney-King on Social Networks

 The lovely Michelle Moloney-King is stopping by today to post about her experiences on Twitter. We hear so much about how writers should use Twitter for networking, promotion, making friends, etc., that it's interesting to hear something about the possible early pitfalls :) - Ellen
There I was, new to Twitter, getting blog hits on my new blog and loving it. Apart from two kinda disturbing facts. (1). I was getting very strange DMs from men. (2). Worst of all, people were calling me “nice.”  Now, if you know me IRL, you will know that I am not “nice”, I don’t do nice. I like to hear interesting stories, be entertained, have a laugh, be quiet when it suits me, spread my little bit of wisdom, listen to my friends when they need it. None of this is being nice but being a good Christian person. Treat others as you would like to be treated, that’s my philosophy. The “nice” thing was ticking me off. I made a decision to be helpful but no longer to add smilies, to give people links to helpful sites and not spoon feed them, I even stopped following new people, especially men!
But it made me wonder, was I doing something to sncourage all of this strange behaviour? Was I encouraging guys to be too familiar, people thinking it was OK to pester me into favours.....was I being too “nice”?

I started to tweet random things, I blogged about whatever took my fancy and I stopped caring what people thought of me. I stoped being fake, pretending to care, and being too helpful. The “nice” thing stopped.  My new image was complete. I was now being referred to as “cool.” Now that, that I do.

The one thing that didn’t stop was the overly familiar DMs and MTs.
I concentrated on my interviews for and my writing course. The editors of asked me for a profile picture, I took a new one, liked it and used the black and white one for my Twitter profile. All of a sudden the strange DM’s and MT’s stopped, the men stopped saying weird things like “so nice connecting with you babe, add me on Facebook” or “I know you sent me your Facebook fan page, but I want to be your FB actual friend.”
The black and white image worked, my Mona Lisa half smile told them all to “FECK OFF!!”
Twitter is a strange world, men seem to think it is ok to send you kisses, pester you into being their Facebook friend, other people calling you nice, people pestering you into sending a RT (I love doing RT’s for my twitter friends, so get to know me then ask...but just cold call DM me. It. Is. Rude.)

My advice to Twitter users:
  • Stay cool,
  • Guys - don’t send kisses,
  • Don’t hit people up for favours until you have exchanged at least 20 tweets,
  • Be yourself,
  • Have fun
  • Only spend 15 mins on twitter, any more than that and you are an addict! (now I gotta go and tweet, read tweets, follow peoples conversations (without joining) and do some promo form my blog...on twitter!!

Michelle Moloney King grew up on a farm in Co. Tipperary. Her lullabies were tales about banshees and fairy forts from her banjo-playing poetic father. His last words to her (“you won’t remember me, you're too young,”) started her penning down his stories and thus began her creative writing. She has a Bachelor of Science in IT with University of Limerick and recently completed a Post Grad in Primary School Teaching with Hibernia College.
She started a blog in April 2011 where she shares stories about teaching, the IFSC, creative writing, flash fiction, ICT, art and much more.


  1. Nice to meet you, Michelle!

    The great drawback of social media... weird messages coming out ouf nowwhere.

  2. Hi William,

    THanks for the comment and nice to meet you too.


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  4. God, that is what happened to me. It chased me right off it. I don't blog but I like to read, I use Twitter but only to follow interesting people or famous people, I have the egg as my pic and have stopped tweeting......maybe I should just get over it and start using it.

    Thanks Michelle, thanks for sharing.

  5. One great advantage of being a wrinkly - men look through you as though you don't exist. Which means you can lurk in corners and notice all sorts of things, without weirdos pestering you. Your black and white picture has served the same purpose. Enjoy lurking!

  6. Hmm a strange world it is alright - guess you just have to work out if there is more good than bad in this twitter universe, and tread carefully:)

  7. Wow, I did not experience this, but I love your advise, Michelle! As always. :) Twitter is definitely dangerous territories. There are some people who follow me and I go..."it's alright if I don't follow them back...right?" Strange, strange...

  8. Hi Louise,
    Defo, Twitter is very handy for networking. I just don't pay attention to strangeness anymore!


  9. Hey Michelle - that's really interesting to hear, creepy yet interesting. I have (as you know) an avatar rather than real pic, so have never had anything like you've mentioned in your post.

  10. Hmm. My worst suspicions have just been confirmed - I've lost my pulling power. I don't get "sexy kiss-wsissy" DMs or tweets. Although, I did get a guy on Twitter who wanted me to kick him in the groin. That was a tad upsetting as it wasn't possible obviously.

    Here's the thing Michelle - you are a genuinely, dare I say it, nice person and I bet you have the same trouble in the real world. But so was Paul Newman. Nice I mean. He never signed autographs but nobody was ever offended when he
    refused because he smiled so sweetly when saying no.

  11. ahhhhh laptop broken so cant type.

    I'll be back


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