Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Watching Willow Watts Wednesday!

Talli Roland, hot on the heels of her Take On Amazon Blogsplash last year, has come up with a really fun way to launch her new novel, Watching Willow Watts, which will be released as an ebook on 14th September.

Talli is hosting the 'If I Could Be Anyone, I'd Be. . . ' party - post a picture of the person you would most like to be (if you weren't your amazing self, obviously) and explain why. There is a prize draw for all participants and it looks like it'll be good fun.

Personally I'm torn between choosing someone with an amazing professional life who made a great contribution to the field of art, or literature, or music or rocking a pair of brown eyes, or someone who may have rocked less but also enjoyed a good personal life, strong relationships, and pronounced lack of tendancy to die prematurely and alone.

Obviously I want to be the second person, and combine major achievements with lots of hugs and cupcakes and giggling fits at market stalls when someone picks up something covered with gold sequins and says 'Ellen, this is totally you.' (I have at least two friends who do this to me, and I worry more may follow). But this is a fun exercise, and I also want to pick someone who is simply great, and deserves to have a blog post - with accompanying photo - dedicated to how fab they are. even if their personal life didn't always go right.

So, we have a great new book, a fun blogfest and a chance for me to get all introspective while I frantically Google famous women and muse 'She's cool but I'd prefer to be someone with a better facial bone structure. . . '. Laissez les bon temps rouler!


  1. I hate stuff like this. No, I mean I love it but I can never decide who I would like to be. I leave it until the last minute and then, as soon as I've decided, immediately think of someone else :)

  2. I'm exactly the same! Deciding should be fun!

  3. Yippppeeeee!

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, Ellen! I still need to decide who I'm going to be, too. :)

  4. You could try picking someone who shares your fab hair colour - that will include some seriously cool ladies!

    Actually, there's a point - will I choose a woman or a man? I always fancied being a Victorian explorer and most of them were men. . .

  5. I love Talli's idea to promote Watching Willow Watts. Can't wait to write my post!

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  7. Difficult contest. I would have to spend days thinking of which woman I would want to be!


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