Friday, July 29, 2011

Photos and Guest Posts

 I mentioned on Monday that CreateSpace very kindly offer every Nanowrimo winner a free printed copy of their book wth no obligations or shipping costs or anything else nasty. It's rather like getting a present from a large corporation.

Quite a few people wanted to see photos so here you go - CreateSpace deserve the free advertising and I also hope this may nudge a few potential Nano-ers over the line :)

First of all, I had to think of a title on two days notice and I am - and I really cannot stress this enough - CRAP AT TITLES. The title came from a poem, A Call of the Sidhe, by George William (A. E.) Russell (am I the only Pratchett fan thinking of A. E. Pessimal?). So the awful title is a placeholder and will be changed as soon as I discover some hitherto unsuspected title-thinking-up skills.

I was very impressed by the quality of the printing. I chose the font for my interior title page and my chapter headings poorly (as a font-obsessive, this is a major blow to my sense of self). The capital letters overlapped with the lowercase letter directly after them, which was most annoying. But as no one apart from myself and few friends will ever see the book, it doesn't matter.

Below is a picture that shows the spine, which may be my favourite part of the whole thing. The quality is lovely and the font reminds me of a book I adored as a child called The Summer of Lily and Esme, which is never a bad thing :)

Apart from the 'I have a cool souvenir of the time I wrote faster than I can think' factor, it's also been interesting to read the book in print as opposed to on a screen. It made a lot of my errors more obvious because reading it as an actual physical book made me judge it as though it was a real, published book. I was - for possibly the first time in my life - able to approach my own book as a reader and not as the writer, and I was able to see the moments where I, as a reader, would have put the book down.

I can definitely say that getting my souvenir proof copy was worth whatever loss CreateSpace incurred in sending it to me :)

As I'll be away for the next couple of weeks, rather than let the blog go silent, I have rounded up a selection of guest posters to keep you all amused while I'm away.

So you can expect to hear from, among others, an adventurer, a publisher, a writer/musician who lives near an exceptionally beautiful beach and my beta reader extraordinaire,Writer Friend, whom you may remember from some other posts

I hope you all enjoy the guest posts and have a lovely couple of weeks :) I look forward to have a great backlog of posts to read when I get home!

- Ellen


  1. Book looks good. I really like the cover art you chose.

    Looking forward to the guest posts!

  2. I love the cover. Good luck with this years!

  3. Thanks Paul, it was just one of the stock images they had but I felt it fitted the content of the book well - pastoral but menacing!

    Thanks Rebecca, I have no idea what I'll be writing yet but I tend to do the best when I plan the least. . . Nano is pleasantly unpredictable that way! The heroine of that book is a Rebecca too but no one ever calls her that :)

  4. It's so pretty! I love the picture of the spine. It must be exciting to have it as a Real Book. It looks awesome.

    Also, I LOVED The Summer of Lily & Esme. I'd completely forgotten about it! Between that & talking about the Rosie books on Twitter I'm having a very childhood-reading-nostalgic few days. :-)

  5. It looks brilliant!

    What fonts did you go with in the end?

    Is it wrong that my brain went into marketing mode upon seeing it?

  6. Moira, it really is - one the one hand I'm acutely aware that it isn't a real book and that if I ever get to hold my real book in my hands, it will be a million times better. But it's like getting a free sample of that feeling :)

    I have a copy if you ever want to borrow it for a re-read btw!

    Zoe, Garamond for the inside text and Clarendon Condensed for the title page and chapter titles (didn't think it would be Clarendon Pureed as opposed to Condensed though. . . sigh). The cover font is the default CreateSpace one, no idea what it's called but I like it.

    And no, it is not wrong. It is quite normal. *writes Zoe's name and number in great big letters in the 'who to hire if I ever self-publish' file*

  7. I really like the cover. Would love to read it. Have a lovely holiday, Ellen.


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