Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Perils of Kindle Ownership

I am always especially glad to own a Kindle when I'm going on holidays. No more lugging emormous, heavy piles of books everywhere! Now I'll be bringing my guidebook, my phrasebook and a light, easy to carry Kindle on holidays with me.


I decided to buy a few holiday books. As you do. I logged on to the Kindle store, downloaded a few, and sorted them, and a few other recent purchases and new releases, into a category so I could find them easily.

Turns out I have 14 of them.

This seems excessive, even to me. My Amazon account hasn't started to actually weep euro coins yet, thankfully, but it's a matter of time.

I am a fast reader, I admit. But I am not that freaking fast. Nor am I one of those busy people who catches up on their reading on holidays. There is no way I am going to get through 14 books. 

Since we're on the subject, what are your favourite holiday reads? I've bought Kiersten White's Supernaturally, and am trying to save it for the airport. My best-ever holiday read was either Catcher in the Rye, which I read on a flight home from Liverpool when I was 15, or Forever Amber, which I read while sitting on an airport floor.

Tell me your holiday reading stories! And in return, I will tell you just how few of the books in my digital stash I manage to get through. . .

PS On Friday I'll let you know what the blog will be doing in my absence. I think it may throw a party and invite a bunch of other blogs and drink all my booze and I'll come home to find three drunk blogs passed out on my living room floor.


  1. I really have to get to buying a Kindle, or a Nook...

    Let's see, a favourite holiday read for me would be The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara. My favourite book, and I'll come back to read it often, particularly during downtime.

    I hope you'll have a good holiday!

  2. My favorite reads are Agatha Christie books, they are small enough to slip into a bag and I can read one on the plane trip out to Minnesota (where I fly most often) and one on the trip back. I am counting layovers-- must keep reading while sitting for 2 hours in the Denver airport.

  3. Thanks William, cheers for sharing the recommendation *adds to already-enormous To Read list* :)

    Karen, you've caught me - I have never read an Agatha Christie book! My godmother gave me some of her collection last year and I'm looking forward to giving her a try! She is one of those authors that I have always wanted to read and never managed to get around to.

    My trip will involve a couple of long train journeys as well as flights there and back so I reckon I will need quite a bit of reading material. . . not quite as much as I have though!

  4. This is all so true Ellen! Though I brought my Kindle to India (part of the reason I bought it was to save myself from lugging books around all summer) and made two discoveries: 1) wi-fi is rare here, so I can't update my New Yorker subscription or download new books; and 2) real-life books here cost half-nothing. It looks like I'll be lugging back a whole suitcase of the things after all, but I can't complain - books are never a waste! (Nor are Kindle ones..!)

  5. I too over purchased summer books on my kindle. I found it a bit annoying though when the flight attendant told me to turn off the device for take-off and landing. I am going to have to take a book with me on the plane in future! My favorite there's an unanswerable question. No really the mind just went blank! I'll get back to you on that one!


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