Friday, July 1, 2011

Once More With Feeling

Camp Nanowrimo is upon is. Think of it as Nanowrimo-Lite - you still try to write 50,000 words in a month, spurred on by the knowledge that many other people are doing the same thing. But the meet-ups don't happen, Municipal Liaisons like myself have nothing to do, and it doesn't have the same massive impact as November.

I can't decide whether to do it or not! You can choose to participate in July, or August, or both. I can't do August so if I'm going to do it, I have to start soon.


  • I just finished Draft Two of Becky, which involved a major sprint. I'm in The Zone.
  • It is fun. Nano always is.
  • I'm trying to save some cash this month and Nano has to be the cheapest way to pass time EVER.
  • Have I mentioned that is it fun?


  • I don't have any ideas to work on. Literally. There isn't even a back-of-the-head idea that I can birth prematurely. I have no pending projects.
  • It involves doing lots of writing when I occasionally prefer to merely sit.

I suspect I'm going to do it anyway. I also suspect that I'll be asking my blog readers, and probably Twitter (see right hand side of blog), for emergency character names and plot points. 
Either way, I'm about to hand my life over to the writing gods for a month. Again. YAY!!


  1. I say go for it. Try pantsing it for a bit and see what happens :)

  2. I agree with Sarah - try writing from the hip. If you haven't got any ideas at the moment, you can just try brainstorming? Reading can also be a good way to get new ideas, though mine usually come when I'm not thinking about it.

  3. I agree. Watch the history channel or something along those lines. That usually helps me formulate ideas. I think I'll do it this month too. :)

  4. Do it! You could do a sequel to Becky. Get yourself a series going!

  5. I love NaNo! I'd do NaNo Camp but I really have to finish up a rewrite and another story is almost done. I do have tons of Shiny New Ideas clamouring for attention though...


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