Friday, July 8, 2011

News & Request for Guest Posters

Today I had planned to talk about sharing your work with others. And I will, but I have a few things to touch on first.

Natalie Whipple has just signed a contract for her novel Transparent, and is running a contest to celebrate! If you read Natalie's blog (and if you don't, I promise it's worth checking out), you'll know what a bumpy road she's had to get to this point. She's had an agent for years (first it was blogland celebrity Nathan Bransford, then Anna Webman when he left the industry), and has been on submission for quite a while, but her sale was a long time coming. She has blogged honestly and openly about this - what can really happen after you achieve the first dream of landing an agent - and I can't think of another writer who deserves this good news so much.

In other news, I am looking for some guest bloggers! I'm going away for the first two weeks in August and would rather the blog didn't go silent. I'm open to any topic (I pride myself on my ability to diversity - READ: inability to focus), so please email me at if you're interested.

I'm going to leave it there for the moment, because sharing your work is a big topic and I don't want to keep you guys reading all day. Certainly not on a Friday! Have a great weekend :)


  1. Thank you, Ellen, for reading! The support has been so overwhelming. Thank you, thank you:)

  2. I'm thrilled to hear about Natalie! I'm going to head over there right now. :-)


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