Monday, July 25, 2011

Nanowrimo and CreateSpace

Last year, CreateSpace (an Amazon subsidiary) offered a prize to anyone who finished Nanowrimo. Free of charge, they would print and ship a paperback proof copy of your novel. Or whatever novel you chose to upload.

Mine arrived a couple of days ago. I barely got it submitted in time, so I didn't get a chance to design a decent cover - I went with one of their stock images, but it's actually a reasonable fit for the novel (which wasdifficult - I wanted something natural and pastoral but because the book was set in Ireland, I also didn't want green. I know green may seem fitting but trust me, when your country is exclusively associated with a single colour, using it for a book cover just looks cheap and easy!).

I also didn't have time to check if I could get cream pages instead of white, so the book now flouresces a little on its shelf.

But it is very pretty, and it is a rather cool keepsake to have. And there will only ever be one like it, which - in most cases - automatically makes it cool.

I wish I'd left myself enough time to actually design a cover - hopefully the offer will be back next year and I can do it then :)

In other Nano news, I have once again applied to be a Municipal Liaison for the Dublin region, so if you're a Dublin Nano-er and fancy a chat, please get in touch!


  1. I might have to actually try Nanowrimo this year.

    Think how much that single book will be worth when you're a bestselling author :)

  2. If only, Sarah . . . :)

    If you're right, I'll auction it for charity!

  3. Ellen, I know how cool it is to have book you wrote sitting on your own bookshelf. Enjoy!

  4. Yay!! Congratulations!!! I'm so intringued with the book cover you chose now... pictures please! :-) Take care

  5. How cool to have a bound proof of your book! Brilliant!

  6. Me too! I'm curious. Definitely wanna see pictures. How cool to see your own story in book form. :)

  7. AHHHG, I ENTIRELY FORGOT. Damn. I thought I'd have finished editing my NaNo by year...

    Upload a photo!

    (Also, note to self...move to Dublin if only for the benefit of attending Irish write-ins.)


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