Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few Lines

Apologies for my unscheduled silence on Friday, I'm sure many of you will know why I decided to stay quiet for a day.

I find myself with very little to say this morning, so instead I'm going to share the opening four lines of a novel I've been toying with for a while.
At the moment, there is no more novel (I wrote this for a blog challenge) but I plan to return to it once I'm finished with my rewrites. Anyway, hope you find the following mildly diverting!

I stopped the car outside my uncle's house and stared at the dashboard, trying to collect my thoughts. Uncle Fitz was now the last surviving Finnegan, the only remaining member of my mother's family who had been born bearing the Finnegan name. He was now the only one who could activate the Finnegan Curse.

My job was to convince him to do it for the first time.


  1. Oooh!! Sounds ever so apocalyptic! Activate away! take care

  2. LOVE IT. Write it!! And I'm a huge fan of the name Finnegan!

  3. Ellen, if it's the news I think it is that silenced you, it rocked me to my core as well. Take care.

  4. Thanks Kitty!

    Started doing some research today Christine, but sadly the family name is set to change because Finnegan is quite close to my mum's maiden name :( But maybe I'll work it in elsewhere!

    Karen, I assume it was. I know your support and good wishes meant a huge amount to Paul and Jen.


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