Monday, June 27, 2011

Small Changes

I tend to get minor illness a lot. Nothing bad, just coughs and colds, but since my day job involves talking on the phone, a sore throat or a cough is one of the most awkward illnesses I can get! 

Also, as one would expect, feeling like crap so frequently isn't nice.

I do a lot of things right - I always dress properly for the weather, I take vitamins, I drink lots of water. But my diet isn't great (sugar junkie!) and I hate exercise. 

I've had a head cold/cough for two weeks now and I have decided that I'm going to take some steps to get healthier. Once the real desire to hibernate goes away (I'm at that stage. . .) I'll look at the exercsise question (anything to put it off, really. I can't express how little I like it). But for the moment, I've decided to look at breakfast.

For breakfast, I usually eat sugar with sugar (sugary cereal with milk). And I'm starving again by the time I get to my desk, when I have a sugary snack. For the rest of the day I'm usually OK, but the mornings are where I fall down. 

So my first small change is changing breakfast. I'm off to the supermarket after work to buy fruit and sugar-free natural yoghurt (yes, I know fruit has sugar, but I'm assured it is somehow better than the sugar in the cereals I like!). And eggs and wholemeal bread. And my plan is to alternate both breakfasts - which will be less boring than what I currently do! - depending on whether I fancy something sweet or something filling.

Massive lifestyle changes generally don't work for me. I have quite a busy lifestyle and anything that involves finding large chunks of time generally doesn't happen. But I already eat breakfast. I'm just going to take take either an extra two minutes to chop some fruit, or an extra five to scramble two eggs. Surely even a lazy cow like me can manage that, right? :)

Have you guys ever tried to change your lifestyle, one small step at a time? How did it go? What are your small steps?

PS - oh, feck, this is a book blog. I'm currently reading Changeless, the second novel in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger, and it's fab. More on it anon. Alexia would never consider compromising her breakfast preferences, although I'm sure if her famous robustness was threatened, she would take the appropriate action with the minimum amount of fuss.


  1. I've been attempting the 4 Hour Body with mixed results. Small changes work well for me, too, but I still have a sinus infection :( I work out, eat fairly healthy (minus the red wine but I consider it medicinal to some degree), and just keep chugging along.

    Good luck and feel better soon!

  2. Small changes are such a smart way to go, Ellen. If you try to change too much at one time, we overwhelm ourselves and quit. I recently changed my breakfast from cereal to egg beaters and bacon and fruit and I find it holds me longer till lunchtime. I eat the same thing for lunch every day. Too many choices overwhelm me as well. Good luck.

  3. Ooh, giving up breakfast cereal?? You're a brave woman. I'm so darn lazy, I just usually grab whatever I can eat while walking to the bus. I've tried giving up sugar and it's so very difficult. But I KNOW you can do it!

  4. Small steps work best! Read a few pages of Changeless while eating your wholemeale toast in the morning ...

  5. I'm generally rubbish at changes. I find cold turkey is the only way to go for me!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. It's all or nothing for me. Unfortunately it works both ways. I went from the most unhealthy diet you can imagine to a super healthy one (no exercise though, I have my limits!) I lost a ton of weight - and then went right back to my bad old ways and put it all on again. Might have to try your way this time :)

    Get well soon.

  7. I liked reading your 4-Hour Body posts, Christine, they were fun! I've never tried sticking to an actual diet before and it was nice to read a realistic account of the process :)

    Karen, that's great motivation for me! I am trying to keep fuller longer, so hopefully eggs and yoghurt will help :)

    Thanks for the encouragement Kittie - when I read your blog, I always think 'I wish I loved running as much as Kittie does!' I'll tackle the food first but don't be surprised if there's a post here in a few weeks/months asking for advice on types of exercise :)

    Good plan Simon - I'm reading on my Kindle so I don't even have to hold pages open!

    Thanks Talli :) Depends on the person, my mum is the same as you, she has to make sweeping changes or none at all. I must take after the other side!

    Sarah, sorry to hear you went back :( but I think the secret is all things in moderation, I know if I cut out everything bad for me I would end up cracking and eating everything in sight! Of course, knowing me, it would only take a few hours. . .:)

  8. I found that oatmeal works best for me. It keeps me full until well after noon. I really kick it up though and add chopped pecans, fresh/frozen blueberries, and a handful of dark chocolate chips as a sweetener instead of brown sugar. I'm a chocoholic so I use this as my chocolate treat, then I don't feel I need any later. It only takes about 3 minutes in the microwave and is oh so yummy!

  9. If I could just be put into a coma from 8:00 PM until I go to sleep, I'd be fine. It's like I'm afraid if I go to bed hungry there may not be any food left in te morning and I'll starve. Crazy, yes?

  10. K, I tried oatmeal and didn't like it much but your way of serving it sounds lovely so I'll give it another chance! I even have dark chocolate chips in the cupboard (I'm usually a milk chocolate girl but dark chips are much better in the cookie recipe I use, so I keep some on hand). Thanks for the tip!

    Pat, I used to know a guy who found it hard to sleep if he didn't have bread in the house. Not food, bread. We all have our quirks!

  11. Huge lifestyle changes wouldn't work for me either. Much to my family's dismay however, I am always making small changes to improve this or that. My newest, personal change is scrapping the green tea with orange and going straight for a handful of chocolate chips when nighttime writing starts. Seems to work so far!

  12. People react badly to big changes, positive or not. They scare us. Small changes are the way to go, all right. Hope it goes well.


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