Friday, June 24, 2011

Late to the MC Blogfest Party!

I just came across this on Alex's blog, and it looks like so much fun that I just had to sign up! If you're interested, pop over to Elizabeth Mueller who is hosting, add your name to the list and ask your MC the following questions.

I asked Becky, my fairy-hunting Dubliner, and I asked her at the start of the book. By the end, her answers would have been quite different.

Question 1: What is your greatest fear?

Hmm. . . well, given what I do for a living, I guess my greatest fear is that my boss will finally let me help with a direct, face-to-face hostage negotiation with a Fairy Court, and that I'll balls it up so badly that not only will they refuse to return the kid, but they'll curse my entire office to spend eternity in their Court, dancing til our feet actually wear out as far as the ankles.

I also hate bugs and driving in thunderstorms.

Question 2: What is your biggest accomplishment?

When a child gets taken by the fairies, I tend to be the person who is sent to keep the parents company while the real employees do the real work. I've gotten pretty good at being honest but optimistic with them, and more than one couple have told me that I really helped them get through it. 
My biggest accomplishment, though, was when a single mum's child was taken last year. She had no partner, no family to help out, so I had to stay with her almost 24/7 with no idea whether my colleagues would manage to get her child back. Being there for her, even though I couldn't do anything constructive apart from cook and make tea, was definitely an accomplishment. It made her life a teeny bit easier at its lowest point.

Question 3: What is your biggest regret?

It's hard to say - I'm sorry I didn't study psychology the first time around in college. I wasted quite a few years working in dead-end jobs, saving up to go back. 
And my mother died three years ago. I don't know what I regret about that, or about her, but I regret something. I feel like I should have done more, been with her more - I don't know. Can I say I regret my mother dying? Or does that sound too much like I killed her? 


If you decide to take part, please let me know in case I miss your entry!


  1. Becky!! You have such an amazing job and I personally think what you do - keeping the traumatised parents company and support - is just brilliant! Take care

  2. Thanks Kitty! Becky would love to hear that :D

  3. Great answers Becky! I have a feeling thing are going to get very interesting for you, because of your line of work.

    Definitely wanting to read to find out more! :)

  4. Thanks Amy :) I popped over to your blog and followed, love your premise!

  5. Hi Becky!
    I hope you get your shot at hostage negotiation. I have a feeling you'll do fine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Stopping by from the blogfest roll. I really like your character's voice! And, I'm intrigued to know more about her story. Glad I stopped by.

  7. I had to get my MC to answer the questions from before the story... as like Becky her answers would be different afterwards.

  8. That is the most colorful and interesting fear so far. To the ankles? Wow. :)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  9. Thanks Andrew - she will get her chance, but we'll have to see how it goes!

    Thanks Kris, glad you enjoyed! I stopped by your blog too and followed, really loved Nick.

    Chippy, I stopped by your blog and would love to know what happens to Charlotte and how her answers change! I followed both of your blogs btw, I enjoyed reading both.

    Raquel, when the Irish dream up supernatural creatures to fear, we do it quite well :) Yep, ankles!

  10. What a fantastic plot! This has me intrigued, it's amazing how revealing 3 questions can do!

    Thanks for participating!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  11. Thanks Elizabeth, glad to hear you liked the sound of it! And thank you very much for hosting - participating was the fun bit :)

  12. I've seen this going on in a couple of blogs... I think you've got some really good answers coming from Becky. The third one particularly gives her a lot of dimension.

  13. Sounds like a cool story! I love fairies...

  14. Sweet premise! I love fairy kidnappings :D Sounds like it's a common thing in your story, and I like that idea.

  15. Thanks William, it was a new one on me. Her mum's death doesn't come into the story much - she's quite a distant person, and isn't close to her family - but I think she wishes she was different and this expresses itself in her feelings about her mother's death. It was a helpful question to ask myself.

    Thanks, Alexia! I loved your approach to this, asking your character the questions after she had her major life-changing events :)

    Christine, it's very common in my story - I'm using the very traditional, malevolently mischevious Irish fairies, and they seemed to pretty light-fingered!

  16. Wow, I really like Becky's character. It sounds like she has an interesting job dealing with the paranormal :) I'd love to read this when it comes out!

  17. I'd love for it to come out someday :) If it does I'll certainly tell you (and everyone else on the entire internet, probably. . . ). Thanks for the comment!

  18. Wow, she's got a job that sounds like it can be pretty stressful and, at times, heart breaking. I hope her first foray into being the lead in a negotiation works out. I definitely wouldn't want her to be sentenced to dance her feet off!

  19. She's pretty determined to hang on to her feet, Shannon, so we can be confident she'll do her best :D

  20. Glad you participated - I'm still checking out the other entries. And wise to state when in the story your character is answering. Mine answered in between the two books, although his answers would be far different at the beginning fo the first or the end or the second.

  21. Such a fun idea Ellen! Love it, the different take on fairies! How far along are you in writing this ms?

  22. Wow! Your MC is like the social worker of the fey world. That's a great gig.

  23. Thanks Alex, I thought I'd better be specific because Becky changea a lot in the course of the story. Loved your entry!

    Rachel, I'm on my second draft and I'm around 80-85% done, I'd say. The big crisis is well underway, and resolving it has just started. I'm hoping to finish soon, but I know there is a third draft looming as I really need to tighten up my fairy world. I think there are inconsistencies at the moment, and they aren't quite villainous enough (apart from the feet thing!).

    Thanks Beth - she would rather be the diplomat of the fey world but social work suits her quite well!

  24. Wow this sounds like quite a fairy world!

    Thanks for the follow!

  25. There is obviously a whole lot I don't know about the fairy world. I will have to read more.


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