Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interesting Interview - and a good cause

I'm a big fan of JA Konrath's blog. I have described him as a self-publishing evangelist, and whether or not I ever wind up self-publishing myself, I love that there is someone out there talking about the alternative paths that are opening up for writers now. For many authors, self-publishing is the way to go.

Today, he interviews Scott Doornbosch, a newly-Kindle-published author who is going through a rough time. Because of his personal circumstances, legacy/traditional publishing wasn't the best path for Scott to take. Apart from the fact it's a good interview and Scott's book sounds like a cracking read, this is a very poignant reminder that the conventional routes to success aren't for everyone.

Please take a few minutes to read the interview and if you like the sound of Scott's book, spread the word! Passing on a link to the interview doesn't cost anything and may help to generate more sales for Scott, so I'm hoping some of you will consider doing that. Also, it serves as a reminder to authors who may be short on time or energy that there are other options out there.

NOTE: I use the Amazon Affiliates program for occasional links to books, but as I couldn't find out whether my referral fee would come from Amazon's earnings or from Scott's, I decided not to take the risk and I will make nothing if you buy via these links. Also, I felt earning a referral fee from a book I'm plugging partly for compassionate reasons was a little like taking advantage of my readers' good nature, so I am categorically not making anything from this.


  1. This may have just convinced me to look into getting a Kindle.

  2. You can get a free app to read Kindle books on your PC or smartphone and buy them that way if you don't want a dedicated device.

    I'm curious though - why this post in particular as opposed to all my OMGILOVEMYKINDLE raves? :)

  3. Simple. I like the sound of the book, and there's no other way to read it except as an ebook. :-)

    I may prefer printed books to using an ebook reader, but if there's something I want and only one way to buy it, I'll be practical about it.

    I might look into the Kindle apps, though. Reading on my iPod isn't the best, so I'll weigh up the pros and cons.

  4. Cool!

    I prefer printed books too, but the only way I can afford the amount of books I want - both in terms of the cost of the book and the cost of storage space - is to read ebooks.

  5. I'm doing okay in terms of cost and storage space, and I'm not nearly so voracious a reader that I'd need more than one extra book in my bag, and then only when I'm getting close to the end of one. So I think I'll always choose printed books if I have the choice, but I'm seeing so much out there that's only on ebook that appeals to me that I can't just ignore them forever.

  6. I always carried two books (pre-Kindle of course). And I got rid of 130 of them before Christmas and I still have more than I can store. My spare bed, my desk, Dad's old desk and four bookcases are stacked two or three deep.

    I'm at the point where, when I next move house, I'd be paying considerably more rent for a place big enough for books and they would seriously diminish the amount of space available for other things (writing space etc). So more books must be passed on!

  7. I'm sure Jen and I would be able to take some!

  8. I'll check it out.
    I was very anti-Kindle (or any other "reader"), but now I'm a total convert. I don't miss reading paper based books at all now. Plus I can carry my whole library with me at all times...


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