Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finished Draft Two!

Last night, I finished my second draft of my urban fantasy novel (which we will call Cheesy Working Title from now on, because that is what it has). This is the novel starring Becky, whom you all met on Friday.

I am beyond chuffed. Not with the book - I re-read it, and it needs work. So much work. As far as I can tell, 80% of my book involves people talking to each other. I think I compressed the whole plot into the last four chapters.

But for now, I am finished. I can take a few days off to do radical things like drink tea and meet people. I can let it sit for a while, go back to it and decide what can be salvaged.

And then I can start Draft Three.

Today, however - pink tea for all!


  1. Hurray! Yes, take a well-deserved break. Hmm, I might have some in-the-works material for you to read if you're stuck for how to pass the time... ;-)

  2. Congratulations!! Enjoy your pink tea!! Take care

  3. Well done on finishing your draft. I was drawn to your blog because I love tea (and paper, actually). Hope you enjoy your break :)

  4. Thanks all!

    Nice to 'meet' you, Clair, I love the found of your fiction :)

  5. Congratulations Ellen, enjoy your well deserved break :)

  6. Ellen, I know that place so well. Yes, congrats and enjoy your break. You will come back to it renewed and refreshed.

  7. I know, it's a great feeling and yet you feel as though there's still so far to go. When I got to that point, I had to take a break from the book so when I went back at it I had a fresh mind. Then, I used a notebook and basically made a time line for the story. I wrote what the major action piece (even if not much) in each chapter was to make sure it all led up to the climax. Also, to make sure the climax was placed perfectly in the story, not too soon and not too late.

    This really helped me to keep the movement in the story line constant and it kept me from going crazy cause I could see the movement on paper and not just in my mind.

    Hope it helps! Happy writing!

  8. Yay! and well done you. Draft three here you come.

  9. Thanks all!

    Rachel, thanks for that! I have similar method - when I finish a book I make a list of all the major events to make sure they build logically and consistently and that there are as few loose ends as possible. It definitely helps :)


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