Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Courtney Milan and Going It Alone

Romance writer Courtney Milan has announced that the third book if her Turner series of novels will be self-published.

Her announcement is very measured and well-written, and it certainly doesn't stand as a rejection of traditional publishing - quite the opposite. Ms. Milan is very positive about her traditional publishing experiences and has said she isn't turning her back on the world of traditional publishing at all. Her decision is solely based on the fact that the ebook royalty rate and the 'in print' clause in the deal offered by her publisher was inadequate.

I wonder how many more writers we will see with two-lane careers - traditional and self-publishing running alongside each other at a comparable speed, each fulfilling different functions for the writer's career. So far traditional publishing has been very mature about welcoming - or trying to welcome - self-pubbed superstars into the traditional fold.

Maybe there is room for everyone. It will certainly be interesting to watch how many more writers make this move in the future.


  1. i hope there's room for everyone, because the idea of me self publishing freaks me the heck out. Maybe i would change my mind somewhere in the future, but right now i'm hoping for traditional pub

  2. I love that self-publishing is becoming more and more mainstream.

  3. I think there is room for both methods. I strive for traditional publishing, but one day, should all avenues be explored and my writing be honed to perfection with no deal in sight? Well, then it will be time to take the plunge. I think it is a worthwhile way to achieve the same goal.


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