Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Twitter - Is It The Best Word To Have In Your Post Title?

I've been reading The Onion too much, hence the subject :)

Recently I've started tweeting - I've even added a little Twitter thingy to my sidebar and the tiny blue bird aesthetic is looking ever more appealing.

I am looking for new and interesting people to follow, though, and since there's already tons of interesting people in blogland, I thought I'd ask if anyone here is on Twitter - if you are, I'd love to follow.

Do any of you guys tweet? How do you find Twitter compared to Facebook, blogs, etc.?


  1. I'm a big fan of twitter these days. I wasn't sure I'd get it, but I actually find it a tiny bit more social than facebook (people can find your tweets and comment on them). Also it feeds the ego in a different way as ideas are easier to propogate via Retweeting.

    Also it's far easier to make a throw-away comment on there.

    Actually the more I type about it, the more I realise I can't quite quantify why I like it, but other conversations just seem more accessible via twitter than facebook.

  2. Didn't know you read this :) Hi!

    I like the retweeting myself, it is very handy (I often want to do it on Facebook).

    The accessibility is a big plus alright, although I like the (relative) privacy of Facebook. I think they serve two very different purposes and I like both.

  3. I'm following! I like Twitter a lot, although it took me a while to get that it's just a stream of tweets I could dip in and out of. Keeping up with everything would be impossible, surely ...

    Also, while I keep my blog on-topic I feel less inhibited with Twitter and post about whatever. Which is fun.

  4. Oh, Ellen, I signed up for Twitter, Facebook, and blogging when my book came out in 2009. Now I just blog and visit Facebook every once in awhile. Tweeting just never made sense to me. Good luck with it, though. I understand it can be extremely helpful. I know one writer who got her agent via Twitter.

  5. I don't twitter. I know I should, everybody tells me it's fun, but it scares me!

  6. Twitter's definitely a lot more open than Facebook, but Facebook has much more utility as a social tool. I'm glad I'm on both.

  7. Twitter is more instant for me, where as Facebook I find a little more personal. It's definitely a good place to go to get a laugh, check up on friends or even get news (which still shocks me.) It's really the world at your finger tips, but I just don't utilize it enough. How do you incorporate both successfully?

  8. I just followed you on Twitter :)

    I like it better than Facebook. It's a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it there isn't the jumble of games and polls and all the other stuff on FB. Plus, it keeps you from being long-winded (although sometimes I wish I had just a few more characters to use). I LOVE the writing community on it, and the ease of finding information/contest/blogs/ect.


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