Friday, May 6, 2011

A Treatise on Compelling Characters, or 111 Bangable BritLit Boys

This list has been doing the rounds.

I am trying to be all coherent and highbrow and bookish about this but I'm not sure I can. I got as far as Number 3 before bursting into print (I burst into print a lot. It's most undignified).

First of all, well done to the compilers for not putting Mr. Darcy first. Mr. Darcy is wonderful and all, but jeez, he's everywhere. Real people and fictional characters (Bridget Jones, I'm looking at you. . .), they all love him and it gets dull.

However, he's been pipped to the post by Aragorn (OK, I get that) and Mr. Big-Liar-With-Mad-Chick-In-The-Attic (not so much).

And Jeeves appears above Wooster (seriously, is anyone surprised Jeeves is above Wooster. . .?). But Gussie Fink-Nottle creeps in at 106. Sorry, but Gussie Fink-Nottle is only even a tiny bit appealing if there are no other fictional characters left.

In spite of my earlier comments above, Darcy has many positive attributes - kindness to his younger sibling, ability to get Lizzie's younger sibling out of trouble, helpful tendancies, cool eyebrows. In my head, he wins the Best British Bloke award.

I still feel Yossarian just about edges him out in the overall stakes, though.

What fictional characters would you must like to. . . ahem. . . be stuck in a lift with?


  1. Mr Darcy wins for me too, but my first ever fictional lover was John of Gaunt in Anya Seton's 'Katherine'.

  2. Erm.

    James Bond. :-)

    Take care

  3. OK it's corny I know, but my first crush was Rhett Butler, way before I ever saw the film. To have a man know exactly who and what you are and STILL love you?

    Also, damn you Old Kitty, having Daniel Craig in my head is very distracting (although not at all unpleasant...)

  4. One of my earliest crushes was Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

    I'm gonna go find something manly to do now...

  5. I like Sophie Kinsella's guys - Nathaniel, Jack Harper, the architect guy in Remember Me?


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