Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogfest: Letter To Future Me

Kristin has come up with a great blogfest idea - letters to our future selves :) Go here to sign up and read other entries.

Dear Future Me,

I hope this finds you well. I hope you're alive, healthy and happy. I hope you've been published and have almost everything you want - but not everything, because life is more fun when you want something. I hope life has been good.

That's what I'm about right now - hope.

I hope for so many things. I hope this little rainy country gets stronger and more honest. I hope to travel more. I hope to write. I hope for so much.

But most of all, I hope you don't forget me. Or any of the versions of me that came before either of us.

No matter what happens, remember how it felt to work for very little money, or to have no work at all. Remember feeling that the whole country was voting against your interests, and don't vote against the interests of the weak, even if you are no longer one of them.

When you can afford to hire someone who can help you evade tax - DON'T. I know you're tempted. I don't like propping up some aspects of this country either. But at 27, the idea of doing it would have disgusted you. Don't do it now.

Remember being unpublished - remember how hard writing seemed, how hopeless all your dreams sometimes looked. But remember how great it felt to try new genres for fun. Remember the freedom to drop everything for Nanowrimo every year, and how to felt to sit over tea with friends for hours talking about books and writing and everything in between. Remember how great it was to be unpublished too, the fun and the freedom of it as well as the uncertainty.

Remember, whether you're published or not, that writing is brilliant fun and that's why you do it.

Remember living in a cold, damp flat, listening to Amy Winehouse and wondering what else your generation might create.

Remember listening to President Obama's speech the day you saw your best friend for the last time before she emigrated. Remember sitting in her house for the last time, knowing she was embarking on a wonderful new chapter and wondering what new chapters were ahead for you. Remember President Obama saying '
Is féidir linn!' ('We can!') and remember how you believed him.

If you have more than I do, please be grateful for it. If you have less, be grateful for what you had.

I hope I remember. Good luck.

From Present Me


  1. I love your letter to your future self, Ellen. And I believe one day you will succeed as a writer and more importantly, you'll remember who you were and be a kind, generous mentor!


  2. Hello! New follower. This is a great letter. Remembering why we write is so important. I do it because it's my outlet and I love it.

  3. I loved all the positives you pointed out about not being published. I could relate to all of them. Sometimes I sit back and think THIS IS THE LIFE! Although I'd love to be published someday, there's something wonderful about the freedom of writing whatever you choose without deadlines. *sigh*

    It's great to *meet* you!


  4. gorgeous letter, and very sincere. nice to meet you

  5. Great letter. I love the possibility of new chapters and you're right, tax evasions is not a good thing!

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, it's great to meet so many new bloggers :)

    I also like how positive people are about being unpublished - there seems to be a tendancy to savour the moment among Kristin's followers!

  7. I especially love "Remember being unpublished." Love this positive declaration to your future self.

    Thanks so much for participating!


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