Friday, April 29, 2011

YA - A-Z Blogging Challenge

I love YA (young adult) fiction. Absolutely love it.

I only read it occasionally when I was actually a teenager myself, but I still feel like I'm a teenager so that may explain why I love this genre so much. I'll read almost anything YA - fantasy, paranormal, romance, realistic, whatever. I'm not nuts about dystopian or post-apocalyptic, but that's in general, not just YA. And I will read them, if enough people tell me they're good :)

I also love that so many excellent and high-profile YA novels have made the genre acceptable for adults to read. Not that I would have let being an adult stop me reading YA (I'm 27, that's still young, right? Right?), but I love that there are so many great writers producing books for teens, and that so many people are enjoying them.

If you like YA, I highly recommend checking out Hannah Moskowitz. Imagine a young funky Chuck Palahniuk but full of hope, who creates very loving and lovable family-focused characters. I adored her first novel, Break, and I'm partway through Invincible Summer

Sarah Rees Brennan's The Demon's Lexicon trilogy is also great, and the final title is due out very very very soon. And for British realistic fiction, I heart Sarra Manning - Pretty Things and Let's Get Lost are probably my favourites, but I read Nobody's Girl sitting on a pier last summer eating chutney sandwiches and will love it forever because even the sight of the cover makes me happy.

Anyone care to recommend some new YA authors? Have Kindle, will read!


  1. I ate Christopher Pike books while I was in secondary school. There's a great element of fun to storytelling in YA, I think.

  2. I don't read much YA, sorry.

  3. YA probably not my first choice, but I have read some exceptional ones. Have you read Gail Foreman's 'If I Stay'? Brill!

  4. Cheers for the recommendations, I'll check them out :)

    Thanks for stopping by anyway Karen :) Always nice to have visitors.

  5. I'm pleased to belong to the group of 'slightly' older young adults that love YA too! No particular recommendations at the moment as I'm reading something totally different but I generally read any that I get my hands on.

  6. Hey Hon,

    Just stopping in to say high!


  7. Thanks for the enthusiastic intro into YA! One thing I'm learning very quickly in blogland are the many acronyms. This time last year I didn't even know what YA/MG/ARC etc. stood for!

    Take care

  8. New YA authors - Denise Deegan, Laura Jane Cassidy, Geraldine Meade, Sheena Wilkinson on the Irish front. Kody Keplinger is another young 'un from the American side of things. Holly Schindler's good too. Reading Rachel Cohn's 'Very LeFreak' at the moment which is an interesting one...

    *happy YA-ish sigh*

  9. Claire, I was hoping you'd show up on this post :D Whenever I'm stuck for something to read I head for your blog and go through the archive. I'm dying for Laura Jane Cassidy's book.

    Right, off to Amazon and Hodges Figgis. . .


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