Friday, April 22, 2011

Sea - A-Z Blogging Challenge

Dublin is a coastal city, and for over half of my time living in Dublin, I've lived less than ten minutes' walk from the sea. And I grew up in a seaside town.

I also work beside the sea, and when the weather is good I like to spend my lunch hours reading in a small cove behind one of the piers, looking out at the sea (when I can look up from my Kindle). If the tide is out far enough, I walk out as far as I can on the little jetties and the piles of rock and sit right at the edge of the water.

There is nothing so rejuvenating in the middle of a working day. To sit in a quiet spot where the traffic is drowned out by the sound of the waves, looking at the huge sweep of Dublin Bay, listening to the gulls.

My father was a marine engineer, who spent his life either at sea, or making sure other people could go to sea. His grave is close to the Dublin mountains, and they asked us whether we wanted him buried in a grave that faced the mountains, or a grave that faced the city and the sea. It was an easy choice, and I like to imagine him watching over the boats that come in and out, as he did when he was alive.

So you could say the sea is important to me. I love living close to it, and if I didn't live close to it, I would want to travel to it as often as possible.

But here's the weird bit - I can't swim :)

Randomness out.


  1. I'm envious - Dublin is a fab place to live.

  2. The sound of the sea is so relaxing. Good post.
    Hope you learn to swim someday :O)

  3. I can't swim too. I tried lots of lessons, even got a certificate to say just how much I've tried, but nope. Can't swim!

    Take care

  4. I'm certainly fond of it, David - I complain about it a lot but it is a nice city :)

    Madeleine, I probably won't because I don't especially want to do anything for which swimming is necessary - but there is someone in my life lobbying for it so we'll see! If I ever do, I promise to blog about it :)

    Kitty - a certificate to say how much you've tried? That's either brilliant or cruel and I can't decide which!

  5. When I worked in Manhattan I did the same thing. In fact you would see people standing anywhere there was access to the East River (which is really part of the sea), watching the play of light and water. People are just drawn to the sea.

  6. I've visited Dublin - and loved it - but I didn't find the sea there. Lots of other Irish sea experiences just not from the city. Since I've missed something, I'll have to go back.

  7. One of the things Jen and Missed most when we lived in Manchester was the smell of the sea in the air. Even when it's not very strong, it adds a wonderful freshness that just can't be matched.


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