Thursday, April 28, 2011

PSA: Talli's blog has moved!

Guys, if you read Talli Roland's blog, please note she's temporarily blogging at

It would be a terrible shame to miss out on gems about writer's arse and where to buy good cupcakes just because Blogger's systems made an error. Hopefully she'll be back in her usual home soon :)


  1. What? That's crazy! Thanks for the tip. I like both Marsha and Talli, in fact I first made her acquaintance as Marsha.

  2. I found her when she left a note at my blog.

    The internet gremlins are being naughty again.

  3. Thanks so much, Ellen! Really appreciate it -- I'm tearing my hair out! Hope my blog will be restored soon!

  4. Hello again!! I just read over at lovely KarenG's blog that something is going on at Talli's blog then I saw this post! I tried to go to the marsha more address here but blogger says it doesn't exist!!

    Oh dear!! HELLO TALLI!! Come baaaaaaaaaaack!!! I have no idea what's going on!!! Bad Blogger!

    Take care

  5. Everything is crossed for the restoration of Talli's blog!


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