Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Off-Topic - A-Z Blogging Challenge

I worry about going off-topic too much on my blog.

Yes, I know - just like eating too much chocolate, I could, you know, stop doing it, and then the worry would stop like magic.

But - also like eating too much chocolate - blogging off-topic is fun.

This is allegedly a books-and-writing blog. I say books-and-writing because I love books, but also because I don't feel I have enough unique things to say as a writer. I'm working on my second book, knowing that I will most likely never publish my first (at least not under my own name). I haven't had time to learn many lessons.

So that's my topic. Every book in the world and the process of writing books. You'd think that would keep any sane person busy for a lifetime, especially with blogland throwing up cool things every day that I can respond to and comment on.

Nope. Instead I have found time to blog about why being an only child rocks, reasons to vote in the Irish General Election (starring both of my grandmothers), Billie Holiday, Blackadder, Dublin (repeatedly) and bouillabaisse (my personal favourite).

That is part of the experience of blogging though. Kiersten White uses her blog platform to educate people about the dangers of ectopic pregnancies, and my friend Paul used his blog recently to express his thoughts on fatherhood and faith.

So overall I feel occasional off-topic blogging is good. And I sure crammed a lot of words beginning with O into that last sentence while still keeping it clean. . .


  1. Off topic can certainly be fun... just as long as one doesn't drift too far off topic, of course.

  2. An eclectic blog keeps everyone on their toes! I personally prefer them as I never know what to expect for each post!

    Take care

  3. Okay this is off topic but since you were mentioning chocolate, I think it is time for a piece of cake! mmmm! Great post.

  4. Sometimes the "off" topic just over-rides what you have planned. It's good to give a voice to those feelings, not let them fester inside you.

  5. A change is as good as a rest. Off topic is fun like you say.

  6. William, that is something I struggle with - I blog about so many topics but ultimately I want to blog about books and writing, so I try to keep coming back to it. The fact I don't like to name people I know offline here does help.

    Old Kitty - loving the word 'eclectic'! Going to call myself that from now on!

    Snakesmom, you're almost as easily suggestible as I am! We have vending machines in my office that sell chocolate and when I'm watching my weight I quite literally cannot walk past them.

    Definitely agree, Paul. My only children post came about that way - I just couldn't bear to think of parents feeling guilty for leaving their kids without siblings when it growing up that way was one of my greatest blessings. Also, parents feel guilty about enough things without adding more! And I just felt I had to post.

    Glad you agree Ann!


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