Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love - A-Z Blogging Challenge

It's been a bit of a tough week here at Pink Tea Towers (it's okay, I promise never to call myself that again). Nothing major, just lots and lots of stupid minor setbacks, as Homer Simpson would say.

So it seems like a good time to dedicate a post to some of the things I love.

Here goes:

Healthy seed bagels. Cupcakes. Chocolate and cake in all forms. Ireland, Dublin, cobblestones, small independent shops, finding bargains on market stalls. Old films and indie films. Teen books. Other kinds of books. Blogs. Herbal tea. Water. The sea, and living beside it. Moonwatching. Mandy Patinkin. The thick red curtains in the Savoy cinema that roll back before a show. Long emails from friends. Feeling healthy. Travelling. Good street food. Occasional walks. Parks. Ice cream at any time of the year. New blog followers (hi all, sorry if I haven't had a chance to visit you back yet, I promise I will!). The cinnamon buns in Simon's Coffee Shop in the George's Arcade. Stopping a stranger to ask where they bought something they're wearing and seeing their face light up. Packing to go on holidays (Seriously, I call myself the Packing Queeeeen and am considering having business cards made with all the extra eeeees).

Not a bad start, and not a raindrop on a rose or a mitten on a kitten to be seen.


  1. You stop strangers to ask them questions?!?! WOW!!

    Yay for you! Take care

  2. Chocolate - Mmmm. (slight drool). I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. Love your blog Ellen although you are much braver than me to stop a stranger like that!

    Great to make your acquaintance. Look forward to following your posts and writing.

    warm wishes

  4. I have to disagree with you! I am the packing Queen. Been at it since my Friday jaunts home from Dublin for the weekends!

  5. Paul, I will get you for that! :)

    Kitty, I only do it when they're wearing something utterly fab that I must know about! I've had it done to me once or twice and it's a very nice feeling!

    Thanks Sylvia, I stopped by yours too and have followed, looking forward to reading more :)

    Nice to meet you too Debbie - and it's not really a bravery thing, it's more what happens when that *exact* shade of purple/sleeve shape/necklace I've been trying to find for aaaages walks past on someone and all shyness goes out the window because I simply must know!

    I let a very nice jumper pass by yesterday without asking, which is probably why it was on my mind. . . :)

    Ann, we can have a pack-off to determine the true Queen, and the winner can wear a crown made from a regulation Ryanair-cabin-baggage-sized wheelie suitcase!

  6. It's a fine list. And I rather like "Pink Tea Towers"!

  7. If I had any actual towers, I might keep it :)

  8. Oh, that's a fantastic list, Ellen. You made me happy just by reading it!

  9. I've never heard of pink tea. Black, green, and white but not pink.

    Hi! I'm just stopping by doing the A-Z challenge thing. I'm following you now and so I'll check back later.

  10. what a great list! mine would be very similar (without the packing queeeen part, I'm the mess queeeen)
    stopping in from the A to Z

  11. Good to know Talli, cheers!

    Sherri, I drink a lot of fruit tea (or fruit infusions, to be all exact!) and they tend to look pink when I brew them. These days my tea of choice is peppermint or camomile but I can't rename the blog :) Nice to meet you!

    Nice to meet you too baygirl - I'm big on messes too but I can navigate them fast when I'm packing to go somewhere!


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