Friday, April 8, 2011

Germany - A-Z blogging challenge

Germany is on my mind at the moment - one of my closest friends has been accepted on a PhD programme in Bamberg, a small city in Bavaria.

I'm simultaneously delighted for her and sorry to see her go - but an excuse to visit Germany is always a good thing! Germany is a lovely country. It has beautiful cities, friendly people, world-class scenery and excellent food (and beer, but I don't drink beer). Their language is delightfully logical and expressive.


Whenever I try to speak my (schoolgirl) German in Germany, I am rewarded with a cheerful smile and an instant switch to English. I love how so many people are bilingual and how they're trying to make me feel welcome, but seriously, guys - how will I ever improve? :)


  1. It is sad when friends move away but I try to focus on the lovely weekends away to visit them! More chance to practice your German. :)

    You are one of my A-Z highlights for today!

  2. Cheers for the highlight Jayne - and I am very much looking forward to weekends away!

    Now if the German people would stop being so nice and welcoming I might have some hope of getting practice in :)

  3. Congratulations to your friend!! I hope you get to visit many times!! Take care

  4. That happened to me in France and as a result I became very self-conscious and now very rarely inflict my Waterford accent garbled with Midwestern US accent on the French Language.LOL

    Wishing you many wonderful trips to Germany!
    And posts filled with your exploits.

  5. interesting blog to stumble on - I almost did Germany for 'g' strangely enough

  6. Thanks, Kitty, I hope to!

    Ann, it makes me very self-conscious too - luckily I don't get too many puzzled looks, just an automatic switch :)

    Cheers David, I followed you back. Curious to know how Brits in the US survive without Cadbury's. . .

  7. It's certainly a place on my list of countries to visit... though I don't speak a word of the language.

  8. The good news is you won't need much - and the vocabulary has a lot of common roots with English so it's not hard to learn enough of the basics for a holiday.

    It is a gorgeous country, one of my favourites, and the people are so nice.


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