Friday, April 1, 2011

Aoide - Welcome to April!

It's A-Z blogging challenge time! Click here to check out other participants.

Have some flash fiction for the first day:


Aoide wiped her damp palms on her dress and walked towards the stage. This was it.

She had spent her life explaining that her name wasn't a typo, she wasn't called Aoife, and that her mother had named her after a Greek muse.

'Aoide' meant 'to sing.' Ironically, Aoide couldn't. Her mother and father, who sang in the local bar every Friday night, had never considered the possibility that their kid may turn out to be totally unlike either of her parents.

Well, they were about to find out just how much. Aoide stood before the microphone and took a deep breath.


  1. Hello there Ellen. What a lovely idea for the challenge. Thank you for your lovely visit to my travel blog to read about Australia.


  2. It's a good idea to turn off word verification while the challenge is on as people won't like to be using it when they're in a hurry. I just came back to tell you.


  3. Oh no!! Poor Aiode!! But she may turn out to be a Susan Boyle right?!?!!?

    Excellent story!!! Thank you! Take care

  4. Hello, Ellen in Ireland, nice to meet you! I'm Olivia in Atlanta, GA. Great piece for the A to Z, I clicked over courtesy of the 'surprise me' button.

    Loved this! that rebel, Olivia

    P.S. Could you move your follower box up to the top so we don't have to scroll down? I think you'll pick up more followers that way. There's close to 1000 people participating and every second counts. :)

  5. Kitty, I certainly hope so!

    Olivia, thanks for the comment and the feedback, I've moved my followers further up!

  6. How hard to have a name you could never measure up to! Cute little tale!

  7. AH! Don't leave us hanging there?! Love it, Ellen.

  8. I am here biting my lip and hoping Aiode finds her voice....she does, doesn't she???

  9. Oh, poor Aoide. Perhaps she's unaware that she can't sing. I want more about her.

  10. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.

    Go to and pick up your award.


  11. I liked Old Kitty's comment. I can also relate to having trouble with the name as that has also been a problem with my name.

  12. I don't think any of you would like the ending I had planned for Aoide :)

    I see her getting up and singing horribly, just to show her parents up.

    She's pretty bitter that they named her based on the kid they wanted rather than allowing her the space to become what she wanted. . .

    The good news is, I see her as someone who, while is failing to live up to her parents' expectations, but who is very happy in her own skin :)

    Thanks for all the comments, and to the new followers!

  13. I love your piece about Aoide just the way it is. It gives us everything we need to know and lets us use our imaginations to fill in the rest.


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