Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm allowed break with blog schedule for Patrick's Day, I have decided!

It's strange to think that the national day of my tiny little wet country will be celebrated in so many places today.

This is a public holiday in Ireland so I am off work! Children have the day off school, and traditionally Irish Catholics are allowed to break their Lenten vow.

Irish children tend to insist that they are 'giving up sweets' for Lent. Maybe today's kids are more disciplined but we certainly never stuck to it! For any kids - or grown-ups - who lasted this far, Patrick's Day was a nice time to indulge oneself. This year, St. Patrick's Day falls very close to the start of Lent (Easter is as late as it can be this year) so it's not as good, but I don't think anyone will be turning their nose up at a pint or a bar of chocolate today :)

Every year, most of our government ministers travel abroad to present shamrock to various important people, press the flesh, and raise awareness about Ireland. Irish people mostly dislike this, because our taxes pay for those trips and the country is almost bankrupt.

But we have something to be happy about this year. Last year, 22 members of government travelled abroad for St. Patrick's Day. This year, our new government have said this will be severely curtailed and only 8 ministers will travel abroad to key trade partners. Don't worry, the US is still one of them! A definite step in the right direction - or a nice gesture, depending on your perspective.

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)


  1. Oh these austerity measures!

    Have a great St Patrick's Day!! Take care

  2. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Ellen! That must be very cool actually celebrating in Ireland.

  3. I know, Kitty, they are everywhere. . . it's nice to finally have one that I agree with though :) Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

    Thanks Matthew, and the same to you! It is nice to be here on the day but when you live here, it's just another bank holiday really. Someday I would like to be somewhere else for it just so I can appreciate being here the following year :)

  4. And how thrilled I am to say HappySaint Patrick's Day to an actual Irish citizen even a Dubliner. Enjoy your holiday, Ellen! And I hope the good saint Patrick smiles on your 'tiny little wet country' so these problems can get solved!

  5. Happy St Patrick's Day to you! :)


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