Friday, March 11, 2011

Bucket List Blogfest!

There is a very cool blogfest going on at SwimWriteRun - the Bucket List Blogfest :) I love making Bucket lists, and make an average of one a week. For the sanity of my readers though, I'll limit myself to a manageable one here, with a mix of Big Stuff, Serious Stuff and Fun Stuff.

1. Get published. Another dispatch from the Department of the Bleedin' Obvious.

2. Travel. I'm not finished exploring Europe yet. I want to drive arcoss the States (major stops - Boston, New York, New Orleans, Taos, New Mexico, Houston, Arizona and California). I want to see the Far East (Vietnam is one of the only definites in my Top 5 Places to See). If I'm in the area anyway, I may as well do Australia and Canada, which are meant to be wonderful places.

3. Learn to sing. I am a famously bad singer. And I really am - I'm not one of those people who says 'Oh, no, I couldn't possibly!' at parties and then stuns the room into silence with my perfect soprano. I am closer to Bender in Futurama who is forbidden fron singing by court order.

But they say everyone has something they wish they could do, and singing is mine. I was told I couldn't sing when I was 11 and I often wonder if I'd be any better now if I'd been given the chance to get better.

I am also terrified to sing. I just mouth the words of Happy Birthday (this is really obvious in my tiny office but I do it anyway).

So I'd like to learn. Explore the unknown, conquer the fear.

4. Take a psychology degree. I like people, I like knowing how things work and I'm sure someone can help me with the statistics modules. Definitely on the list.

5. Learn to ice skate. With my actual feet this time. Do Not Ask.

6. See Pulp play at Electric Picnic. OK, this dream has only actually started today, since the line-up was announced. But it's PULP. I may have to throw my glasses and old-skiool knitted necktie at Jarvis.


  1. Love your list (and now really curious about the ice skating story ;) ). Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  2. Haha--love your current bucket list--and for sure you should visit Canada...we are known as very friendly, down-to-earth, wholesome folk who say 'eh' a lot and can't pronounce 'about' properly!

  3. You're welcome Mo, it was great fun!

    Sylvia, I used to work with a Canadian girl and the way she talked about Canada just sold me on it :) Really hope to visit someday!

  4. Terrific list, Ellen! You must go into detail on the ice skating bit, you know....

  5. WOW! Cool list! Hummm, I'll have to think of could be fun!

    How you doing sweetie?


  6. You probably know this already, but there are shorter post-grad diploma type courses in psychology for folks with an undergrad degree - works out as the equivalent to a Psych undergrad and possibly more useful to someone with a passion for the subject who's ready to jump right in.

    (I liked my statistics classes when I studied psychology... clearly I am a freak.)

  7. Cheers Claire, they are the ones I'd be interested in alright. It pains my UCD heart to say this but the TCD one looks like the one I'd like best. When I have the money I'll definitely be applying :)


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