Friday, March 11, 2011

Kindle 3 Review

I've had it for a couple of weeks now, so it seems like a good time to write a brief review of my new Kindle 3.

I haven't fully explored all of the features yet (I still haven't figured out how to make it read to me, for example, but I'm certain it's very straightforward and I'm just dumb). I've had a great experience with what I have used.


The screen. It genuinely feels like reading a book and the screen is as easy on the eyes as paper. It isn't backlit, so you do need a separate light source to read it in dark places, but some of us have been known to keep pressing random buttons on our mobile phones to light up the screen to generate light to read by, so for some of us this is not a big problem. Ahem.

The size and weight. I forget that this is in my bag. It weighs less than a standard paperback, is comfortable to hold for long periods and fits everywhere.

The range of books available.


The range of cases available. I could write books on this one. My options for cases are
- the Amazon leather one, which has metal hinges that can interfere with your Kindle's functionality. Good job, guys.
- a Belkin neoprene sleeve costing £26. It's worth about £5.
- a variety of unattractive plasticky-looking options, which seem to have the same texture as a cheap anorak.

- this item of sheer beauty, which I am unable to justify financially.

At the moment it lives in a small leather handbag I bought on a market stall, which fits neatly into my backpack. This is working for the moment.

Lack of page numbers. My new software should fix this, but it is a bit annoying.

No colour screen. I knew this before I bought it, of course, but it would be nice to view covers as their designers intended.

Overall I am extremely chuffed with my Kindle and will use it endlessly for the remainder of its natural life. I don't tend to name electronics (Writer Friend, who I've mentioned before, names everything and finds it slightly baffling that I don't) but I am on the point of naming my Kindle. I feel she might be a Miranda.


  1. I got one last week, too! I agree with everything in your review. If you're interested, I've ordered this case and will let you know my verdict as and when it happens:

  2. Please do, El, that one looks really nice.


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