Monday, February 28, 2011

Crossed Fingers Win The Day!

I'm not participating in Microfiction Monday this week - I just couldn't come up with anything good for the picture.

Susan mentions this week that she is worried MM is becoming 'a life-support system for a blog that passed away (in spirit at least) long ago.' She is considering discontinuing it in the future, so I probably should participate while I can, but Susan has made me think about the issue of 'forcing' blog content, which I don't want to do. I am loving next week's picture, though, and am already thinking of possible stories to go with it :)

However, I had to pop up to say thanks to everyone who responded to my last post, whether here, on Facebook or in person. Thanks to everyone worldwide who crossed their fingers and hoped for the best outcome for the Irish!

We have achieved a change of government - so far, the former ruling party and major coalition partner, Fianna Fail, have won only 18 seats out of 166 compared to 71 last time out. Their nearest rivals, Fine Gael, are at 70 and Labour, likely to be their coalition partner, are at 36. We're on course for a strong and stable government if those two parties can work together, so don't un-cross those fingers yet - but the good news is that the Irish people have thrown out a number of TDs (members of parliament) that were considered 'safe' and several very high-profile members of Irish political families.

The Irish are great at slaughtering sacred cows in every sphere except politics and religion. One down. . .


  1. It's great that there was a huge turnout! I hope the results and the outcome will bring positive and hopeful solutions for the future! Take care

  2. High turnout... the lifeblood of democracy. Good to know!

  3. Yesterday I caught part of a Sunday talk show on CNN in which the commentator was comparing the Irish situation with that of the Greeks, basically to compliment the Irish for stepping up and paying back obligations which they weren't responsible for.
    Still, it's cold comfort, I guess.

  4. I'm happy things are turning around for Ireland. Trying times these days! Now if only England would follow suit. Not sure who we'd elect though! David Beckham? :)


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