Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Facts on Writers

Literary agent, blogsphere superstar and renowned nice person Kristin Nelson has posted a lovely series of fun facts about her clients on her blog.

In the same spirit, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about bloggers we know and love, so if anyone fancies taking part, please post your fun fact in the comments! I'll start with a couple about me to get the ball rolling - how about one writing-related and one not?

  • I cannot stand wearing shoes indoors. It makes me feel weirdly formal, like I'm at work or something.
  • My first novel was written when I was 12, and it started when I wrote a sentence to test the thesaurus feature on Dad's new word processor. It was about six runaway kids in Liverpool who ended up working for a local drug baron to pay off a debt that one of them had run up. I was a middle-class child living in a tiny town in Ireland, had never seen Liverpool, a drug user or a firearm, and the book was strangely silent on the subject of why some 11-13 year old kids with no particular street smarts were of any use to a drug baron. It was about forty pages long, single spaced. I still have the last page.
Anyone else want to play?


  1. I'll play!

    1: Despite working in an office all day, when I get home nothing is quite as relaxing as sitting in my leather office chair at my PC.

    2: When planning a book, I often come up with a single dramatic scene, usually towards the end of the story, then work out what kind of storyline and characters best fit that scene.

  2. Me too!

    1. I cannot stand to watch anyone play around with their bellybutton. Absolutely drives me nuts. In fact I'm getting the heebie jeebies just typing about it.

    2. My first novel started out as a blog post. :)

  3. I want to read that! (I'm sure I've said this before).

    1. Many of my novels start with me sitting at my laptop writing things such as 'la la la just writing because I need to write' ... those sentences then get deleted.

    2. The sound of nail files, sand paper or sand scraping on concrete makes me want to gouge my eyes out and tear off my ears.

  4. Oh, I hear you. I hate wearing shoes inside. And socks in bed. That's just wrong!

    And... I have unhealthy addiction to Red Twizzlers. And wine.

  5. There is something ridiculously adorable about your first novel!

    1. I eat far too much cheese.
    2. My study is a shrine to New Zealand and Middle Earth.

  6. Paul, you're the opposite of me! When I'm on the internet or writing at home it has to be a laptop or netbook on the couch in front of the telly so it's as unlike work as possible!

    DL, I am proud to announce you win the Weirdest Fist Novel Origin Prize on this thread so far :)

    Zoe - do you file your own nails when you get one that's snagging on things? Or do you just hope for the best? I have found a 2 euro coin works in a pinch and makes less noise.

    Talli, I actually do the socks in bed thing sometimes. I have such cold feet that I have to, which may be as a result of *never wearing shoes* now that I come to think of it. . .

    Donna, I'm so glad you said 'adorable' and not 'patronising'! Seriously, middle-class 12 year old writing about The Poor Children. . . I console myself that they were fairly cliche free and some of the came from lovely homes and families and just 'fell in with a bad crowd', which was my dream when I was 12 :) And your study sounds gorgeous.

  7. I want to read that novel! Write it! Write it, I say! (My first novel took place in the Scandinavian Mountains...whereas I was from San Diego, a desert on the coast where the temperature never drops below 60F. But I've never seen Liverpool, either.)

    I like wearing shoes inside, but I hate wearing socks. Pardox.


    1. I plan on being an expatriate one day.
    2. An absurd number of characters and places in my novels have names that begin with "Har-" for no apparent reason (eg. Harking, Harcourt, Harper). I just like that prefix.

  8. Great game!
    1. I have to get out of the house on the weekends. If I can get out into the bush it is even better.
    2. When I have a plot problem my usual solution is to try to invent a new character to solve it or fill a gap. Most don't survive the first edit. But a few have gone on to starring roles.
    Does that make sense?

  9. 1. My hearing ranges above and below the normal range of human hearing. I found this out after having an inner ear virus.

    2. My solo work got its start with a news report about unrest in Jerusalem years ago.

  10. Alyson, I like the 'Har' prefix, it sounds nice! When you become an expat, where do you want to go?

    Is that where Valentine came from, Al?

    Interesting way to start, William.


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