Saturday, January 15, 2011

100 Stories for Queensland

I know this is a break from my new posting schedule (couldn't even last a week . . . ) but normal service will resume on Monday. Right now, I need to tell you all about something more important than blogging.

A lot of my readers will know Al and Denise, two fantastic Aussie bloggers affected by the terrible floods in Queensland. I'm so relieved to know that they and their families are all safe, but not everyone has been so lucky.

Which is why I wanted to let everyone know about 100 Stories for Queensland, a book due for release in February and March that is currently looking for submissions. Stories must be original, uplifting, and not deal with themes involving death, violence, destruction or natural disasters. For full submission guidelines, see the link above.

The press release says 'Writers across the world rally for flood victims.' Let's prove them right and do our favourite thing for a good cause :)


  1. What a great idea.
    Thanks for spreading the word.

    As you know my girls have left Queensland now, they have paused for a bit of R&R in Sydney (about half way home). It is a huge relief, but it will be even better when they walk in the front door.

  2. Great idea. I have friends in Australia and just found out they're okay. Thank Goodness. Another blog is promoting sending books there to replenish the libraries. I posted the link on my Facebook page. I had just given away a bunch of my books to the local charity here, but I should have more by the end of the month.

    So devastating!

    Thanks for sharing this :-)

  3. A worthy cause, my thoughts go out to all the Aussies affected by the floods, and their family and friends abroad. Thank you for sharing!

    On a lighter note...I have deemed you a very stylish blogger! To participate, check out the link to my post for details:

    Keep blogging!

  4. A great cause. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of others, Ellen.

    Here in Australia we just watch, wait, hope and pray the death toll doesn't continue to rise.

  5. Thanks for sharing this! What a tragedy....

  6. Yes, and I'm glad Denise is all right. I've been following the flooding and saw her photos today. Another blogger friend, Old Kitty, has a sister and nephews who had to evacuate because of the flooding. Terrible stuff!

  7. Al, we'll all be relieved too, but it's great to know they're OK.

    Christine, I saw your link and it's great timing because I'm working on a book clear-out at the moment. Will send a few to the appeal.

    Alyson, thanks for the award! *is chuffed* Will try to pass it on!

    Donna, we're all praying with you.


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