Thursday, November 4, 2010

[Nanowrimo] Day Four - Lessons Learned

Brought to you as part of the Nanowrimo Blog Chain.

Day Four of the madness and I have learned the following lessons:

1. Writing after a full day at work is hard.

2. Writing after a full day at work and a driving lesson is harder.

3. Writing after work is easier if I bring my netbook in and do a bit at lunch time. On Tuesay day I managed 1700 words at lunch, today I managed 1000. Yesterday I skipped my lunchtime writing and it was very tough to make my target in the evening. In fact, I failed to make my target - or even half my target - because of No. 4.

4. Writing in bed is a bad plan. I know this one is obvious, but you didn't feel how cold the computer room was last night. Seriously. I couldn't face it, so I decided to write in the warmest room of the house and got into bed with my netbook. I fell asleep after 1000 words and for the last 20 or 30 I was not at my best.

I'm back on target now thanks to the epic first day, but I need to do another 1000 before bed tonight to stay on target - ideally more, because I have a work do tomorrow evening.

Once more into the breach. . .


  1. Cheering you on!! Get a snuggly and wear warm slippers tonight.


  2. The beginning is always the hardest, in terms of finding a groove that works and meeting those word count goals. Once you get past the start of the story, I'll bet you'll get your groove on day after day. Good luck with it!!! Cheering you on, girl!!

  3. Thanks guys :D I think I'm starting to hit my stride now that I've found a routine!

  4. It's all about a routine, I think. I respect anyone who can write after a full day of work. Good luck!

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