Monday, November 8, 2010

[Nanowrimo] Day Eight - Falling Behind Disgracefully!

The end of Week One and the beginning of Week Two have taught me a whole new range of lessons.

I have learned not to get complacent just because you established an early word-count cushion for yourself.
My lead has now been eroded. I deliberately worked hard on Day One to pull ahead, and the pressures of a busy weekend have now eroded my lead. To hit my target of 75k by November 30th, I should be on 20,000 by the end of today.

I'm on 15,300. And I have to go to work today, and I have plans after work.

So that means that tomorrow, I can just do my daily 2,500 + the backlog of 4,700 which = 7,200 words.

Except that I have plans tomorrow too. Luckily, my plans are with Writer Friend, who isn't Nano-ing but remains mired in editing and we plan to do some work. Probably not 7,200 words worth of work though, since that's more than my Day One total and on Day One I wrote for about six straight hours. So let's say a realistic target for tomorrow is more like 1,000.

Leaving me with a backlog of 6,200 to tackle on Wednesday. Plus Wednesday's target of 2,500 = 8,700 words.

I have no plans on Wednesday, but I will be at work all day. And my lunch hour is precisely that, an hour.

You see how quickly it mounts? Your numbers will vary depending on your target, but right now I'm only one day behind. My word count RIGHT NOW should be 17,500. But looking ahead, you can see how that small deficit grows. . .

So it's time for a very big push. Strategies will be:

Bringing a packed lunch to work and writing at lunchtime.
Writing on the train or bus where possible. Even if I just get a 100 words done on my 15-minute bus ride, it's 100 words!
Working extra hard on my free evenings.
Waiting anxiously for the weekend to try to pull ahead again. . .

Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone embarking on Week Two - may you screw it up less than I have so far!

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  1. First, let me send you a virtual nano hug. I know it seems insurmountable now but you can do it. Secondly, I think you need to look at all the non-nano plans you've made for the next three weeks and decide which you could do without. Will your friends or family be offended if you don't meet them for coffee or go shopping? Do you need to spend all night at the office party? Can you shelve reading for the next three weeks and write instead?

    You've got some great strategies. I'm wishing you luck!

  2. Thanks Ellie! I'm trying to be ruthless but stay sane, so I'm keeping some commitments and trying to lose everything else that I can. Luckily I have veru understanding friends and a small and understanding family!

    Being able to write at lunchtime at work has been great, hopefully that can continue. I'll keep the world of blogger posted!

  3. I'm so impressed with your determination and dedication! Keep going! Sending you lots and lots of good writing vibes.

  4. Thanks Talli! And I'll be finished Nano just in time for the release of the Hating Game and the blogsplash - couldn't be timed better :)

    Now to figure out what Kindle platform makes sense for a Mac/Ubuntu girl with no smartphone. . .

  5. Keep at it. And do keep tabs on your word count, it's a fantastic motivator.

  6. Let me pour you a big glass of commiseration, because we are in the same boat (and the boat has plenty of commiseration stockpiled!). I took Day Four off, and I haven't been able to catch up since (it didn't help that I also took Day Six off, or that last night's write-in had a Chatty Cathy). But I'm moving forward steadily, writing when I can, and I've finally hit my second (much calmer) wind.

    Don't give up! You can push through and make it! :D

  7. You will finish this -- your strategies are excellent. I know 100 words here and there can quickly add up. I did that during Darling Husband's hip replacement surgery. And often the 100 words lead to far more.

    Rooting for you!!

  8. Hi I just found your blog.
    I admire you nano writers. I wouldn't like the pressure of having a wordcount each day.

    I write YA fantasy. I have an agent, but still looking for a publisher

  9. Thanks, all. I'm still behind but catching up slowly, and it ain't over til it's over!

    Tahlia, good luck with the revision process! I enjoyed Chapter One, hope the rest of Lethal Intentions finds a home.


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