Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogger's New Feature - Stats

Blogger has a new and delightful little feature - stats. I can now view all kinds of fascinating info about my readers (without their privacy being compromised - thanks, Google!). Until now, the only way I had to track interest in my blog was comments (which I love, of course, as do most bloggers), but not every reader will comment on every post. So there were quite a few surprises when I checked my stats.

Such as:

-My most popular posts are the Top Ten TV Shows blogfest and Born on the Fourth of July, a post in memory of my late father. I love that my dad is one of the two biggest draws to my blog. I think he'd really enjoy that :)

-The overwhelming majority of my pageviews are from within Ireland, even though most of my commenters aren't.

-I've had readers from Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands and Brazil. And 19 from Australia - I'm choosing to believe that at least one of those Aussies was Mark Webber, my favourite F1 driver. So hi everyone!

-Most importantly, 47% of my pageviews come from people using Firefox, more than any other browser. I always knew you guys had impeccable taste!

Have your stats turned up anything interesting?


  1. Glad you're enjoying the stats feature, it can be addicting, watch out! What I think is most interesting is how many views a post gets as opposed to how many comments. And I remember that post about your dad.

  2. I can already feel it becoming addictive, Karen! I agree that the pageviews vs. comments is one of the most interesting things - I was very surprised to see some of the pageview stats.

    Thanks for saying you remember the post about my dad. I was so pleased to read that your mom is recovering, and I hope it continues well. She sounds like such a great woman.

  3. Hi Ellen

    Interesting, I knew about total visitors, but I haven't stumbled across page view stats - I must go look!

    Interestingly, I had to give up on Firefox, despite being a devoted user for ages because I couldn't leave any comments on blogspot - not even on my own blog!

    Incidentally, I presume you know that your own visits are counted unless you tick the do not count own visits check box?!

  4. I do, thanks, and I don't mind - sometimes it actually bothers me that I have nothing to add to a discussion on a blog, or I don't have time to comment, but I nevertheless enjoyed it. At least now, in some small way, the blogger will know :)

    Sorry to hear of your Firefox problems. Black mark against Mozilla for that one!

  5. Rinkly Rimes, I bet that comment was intended for Microfiction Monday :D Thanks, though, I hadn't spotted that!

  6. Hi Ellen
    I have just read the July post about your father as I wasn't following you then. Lovely post!

    55% of my page views come from people using IE. I'm amazed that people in Brazil and South Korea have looked at my blog, yet my few followers come predominantly from UK and US.

    Hope NaNo is going well.

  7. They're addictive those stats aren't they? I've just checked mine and I appear to have lots of readers in Canada. As they say, who knew?

  8. I love looking at the stats. I also have a site meter. I'm your US commentator. And love reading your blog even when I don't have time to comment. I still get tons of hits on my movie to book comparison of Lovely Bones. And my crockpot recipe blog went well.

    Hope your Nano is going well!!

  9. Glad you guys have found far-flung readers too - I would really like it if a few more international readers left comments, just to say hi!

    UK Christine - I'm glad you liked the July post. Thanks for reading.

    US Christine - you were my first follower not known to me personally as far as I remember! Nano is going OK, I'm quite far behind but catching up slowly!

  10. It's always interesting to know. The think that interests me the most is how many people find my blog post because they googled a subject...


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