Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NaNoWriMo - Blogging in November

Rebecca Enzor at Sticky Note Stories has proposed a NaNoWriMo blog chain. Rather than let our blogs go quiet in November, she suggests we blog about Nano so that we can share each othe's experiences.

I'm sure the world will be immeasurably richer for reading my Nano-rants. But you never know.

And the whole beauty of Nano is that, apart from having lots of fun, sometimes you stumble upon cool stuff. My winning novel from 2006 was utter rubbish but it did feature a main character I would love to go back to. And 2008's failed attempt yielded one good exchange:

'Keep an eye on this until I get back and don't stop stirring,' said Brenda.
Amy, not naturally gifted at anything involving heat, food or responsibility, balked.

Apart from that, both Amy and Brenda have been consigned to Character Heaven. But I did like this when I found it. I haven't secreted it in a special notebook to be slotted in somewhere (Adrian Mole used to do that), but it does prove that in the midst of writing total rubbish on purpose, some good stuff crops up.

And the same is true of your method. I would never dream of cancelling virtually all of my social engagements in order to write constantly - and yet, I learn little lessons during Nano that help for the rest of the year. Tricks for finding time to write, good habits. Or my favourite - outlining the first few scenes so I don't get half a page in and stop dead. Even if it's just key words ('Arrives at house, sees garden, state of disrepair, talks to mother, hears news, calls friend, drives home. . .').

In deference to bloggers who don't participate in Nanowrimo and are already sick of the sound of the bloody thing, I will include the word 'Nanowrimo' in the subject line of all Nano-related posts so you can skip them.

If you're interested in checking out other Blog Chain participants, the link in the first line of this post will bring you there.


  1. That's a clever idea, although I might be too busy to blog at all. My NaNo involves two weeks of not writing (due to my final exams) followed by two weeks of writing at least 3k words a day...

  2. I think I can do the NaNoWriMo but for once I want my November to be a free month. I am writing my first draft for my next story during November. I probably will get 50K written, but I don't want the pressure so I'll observe your "rants" and cheer you on, Ellen.

    Love the character lines!


  3. Misha, that's an impressive goal - I think we can excuse you blogging duties! Best of luck :)

    Christine, I think you'll have enough on your plate without doing Nano - I skipped it last year myself and I'm glad I did. Good luck with your first draft!

    And thanks :)

  4. Perhaps someone will be inspired by your NaNo Rants! :) Glad you could join the chain - misery loves company ;)

  5. It does indeed - the blog chain is a brilliant idea, can't wait to see what others come up with.

    Happy novelling!

  6. A great idea, Ellen. I've just signed up to do my first NaNoWriMo (yikes) and was wondering what to do with my blog. Realistically I cannot devote anywhere near the same amount of time to blogging for the 30 days of November. So, a lot of my blogs will be about my NaNoWriMo experiences. The rest will probably useful links etc.

  7. Great idea. I still intend to blog during November.

  8. That's a fab idea - I'm in awe of anyone who can do NaNo and blog, too. How nice to have a support chain.

  9. That sounds like a good idea. I've been posting daily for NaBlo this month and promoting my new book, but I'm nervous what will happen in November when I pull back on my blogging.

  10. Alex, I saw a lot of talk about your book in the blogosphere, best of luck!

    Don't worry, I'm sure loyal readers will remain even if the amount of content reduces from 'Crazy Schedule' to 'Normal Schedule' :)


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